Fur Parenting Guide: How to Wash Dog Diapers and More!

Having a pet dog is all fun and just playing around until you have to clean up your pet’s mess from time to time. Hence, investing in a good dog diaper may be a good idea if you want to make things easier for you and your dog. It is better to contain your dog’s pee and poop in one intact place than to be hassled in cleaning up from different spots in your house, especially if your pet is a bit naughty. In case you already decided to utilize dog diapers or your dog is already using it, how to wash dog diapers may be one of the things you want to learn.

Here is a fur parenting guide that will teach you all things dog diapers! You will learn more about why buying dog diapers is a must, how to pick the right diaper for your pet, the right kind of diaper for dogs with specific needs, how to wash dog diapers, and how to make a DIY dog diaper!


The main reason why you should consider getting dog diapers for your pet to use is already mentioned above: convenience in cleaning messes. But dog diapers are also good for other reasons. There is a condition called urinary incontinence in dogs wherein they can’t control their urge to urinate. This isn’t a behavioral issue but is usually caused by a urinary tract infection, bladder problems, weakened urinary sphincter muscle, bacterial infections, or diabetes. If this is the case, consultation with your veterinarian is, of course, the right thing to do first. Then dog diapers come into the scene as a day-to-day remedy for the said condition until it is finally treated, hopefully.

Another reason why you should think of dog diapers is if you own a senior dog. Senior dogs may suffer from canine cognitive dysfunction which is sort of similar to the Alzheimer’s disease in humans. Additionally, old dogs may not be able to control anymore their urge to pee, so it is best if you get them a diaper. It will be a lot convenient, not just for you, but for them as well.



This type of diaper is for one-time-use only. If this is the diaper you want to use on your pet dog, remember to pick one with elastic gathers and adjustable fasteners as much as possible for the best protection against leakage and the best fit.


Now, if you want the kind of diaper that is environment-friendly, you may opt for cloth diapers instead. These are washable and reusable. These are also often lined with a soft and absorbent mesh liner for protection against leaks. On the other hand, the only downside with this one is you really have to put in the effort in washing them and that will be furthermore discussed later on.



Male dogs mark their territory and they may also experience urinary incontinence. For these reasons, they need the kind of diaper that will still allow them freedom of movement while protecting them from leakage. Diapers that can adhere to this need are those with belly bands or those which only wrap around the waist.


Female dogs, on the other hand, need diapers that allow full coverage. It is because they may both experience urinary and fecal incontinence. Also, for un-spayed female dogs have menstrual blood from time to time. Therefore, putting a full diaper on will be comfortable to them and convenient for you too.


This one is a no-brainer: measure up your dog before you buy a diaper! Weigh your pet first and then take its waist measurement. Different dog diaper brands offer products based on either of the two measurements. Moreover, take note that a male dog needs a diaper that is a bit larger to accommodate their anatomy.


Some diapers have a tail hole while others don’t, so you have to take the breed of your dog into consideration. 


Diapers made for pet dogs with an amputated leg has a covered leg hole for full leakage protection.


How to wash dog diapers? A lot of you may already been asking. Let us begin by emphasizing that the most important part of having your dog wear a cloth diaper is washing it to maintain your dog’s hygiene. Making sure that your dog will be protected from leakage and making sure that your carpets will be protected from any mess will surely end up in vain if your dog will have a rash or any other discomfort resulting from dirty diapers. So, how to wash dog diapers?

First, secure the velcro before washing. Next, turn the diaper inside out. Third, pour the laundry detergent with no bleach nor fabric softener as both can damage the waterproof coating inside. After that, you should wash the diaper in warm water. Lastly, you have the option to dry the diaper out in low heat or through air dry. Some dog owners give advice to pre-soak the soiled diaper prior to washing, so the dirt can easily worn off when you are washing it.


If you want to save money, creating a dog diaper yourself for your pet may be the best option for you. At the same time, turning a used item into a usable one may ignite the creative within you and give you lots of fun!

Now, you can choose if you will make a DIY disposable or washable diaper.

For a DIY disposable dog diaper, you will need an unused disposable baby diaper first. Yes, you read it right: get an unused human baby diaper. Of course, make sure that the size fits your pet dog. After that, place the said diaper over your dog’s hindquarters for you to see where you will cut a hole for the tail. When you already cut a hole, everything is already good to go.

On the other hand, if you want to save more, then opt for a DIY washable dog diaper. You will need either of the following: old shirts, old towels, old baby onesies, stray socks, or little kids’ underwear. If you go for old shirt or towel, choose one that fits your dog’s hindquarters just right. Then you will have to tie ends or use safety pins to secure the diaper in place. If you go for a baby onesie, turn it upside down so that the front of the clothing faces up. Also cut a hole for the tail. If in case you opt for stray socks, cut it into two halves. The upper half will serve as a belly wrap.


Knowing how to wash dog diapers is certainly a valuable skill. Whatever kind of dog diaper you use, change it frequently. You can go use baby wipes to clean up your pet dog when you are changing its diaper. At the same time, for your own protection from urine, poop, and other dirt, use gloves.

Keeping dog diapers on is also another challenge itself. Your pet may indeed be playful, so the diaper may go to different directions and not be in the right place. If this is the case, you can use pet suspenders that will definitely put that diaper in place. These suspenders which can be adjusted easily can also make your pet dog look like a certified badass!

Furthermore, in terms of putting diapers at night, you have to be more careful. Wearing a diaper for an extended period of time can result in discomfort, so an option to consider is for you to schedule a time where you will wake up and check on your pet. If that isn’t convenient to you, go for an elevated bed with mesh surface. With this, urine flows through the said surface into a tray underneath. As a result, your pet dog won’t need to wear a diaper and its skin will be clean dry all throughout its sleep time.

Lastly, this is a reminder that consulting your pet’s veterinarian is really the best thing to do before you consider using any product for your dog, whether it is a diaper or not. Your veterinarian will absolutely be able to tell the best option for your dog. If in case your pet got skin infections due to faulty diaper routines, which we hope won’t happen, going to your veterinarian should still be the first option in your mind as much as possible. Ointments, creams, and any other treatment can be prescribed to ease the uncomfortable feeling caused by the said infections. Nevertheless, it is still better to prevent a skin infection from happening than to treat one.

You can successfully protect your pet dog by following the tips and guidelines mentioned above and by just letting fresh air do its work. It means that diapers shouldn’t be worn all the time! As much as possible, let your pet dog go without it.