9 Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers don’t have problems. No any other dog has problems. They are all angels. This Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers is a list which is in the context of you as the pet owner. Some of the characteristics, temperament, and behavioral tendencies of this breed may be in the pros or in the cons side, depending on your preferences.

This super popular breed known for its honey coat that screams sunshine is a contender for man’s “best” best friend. Why? It is because its friendly nature out-stands the temperament of most dog breeds out there. Also, this Scottish gundog is a breed credited to Dudley Marjoribanks, 1st Baron Tweedmouth, or Lord Tweedmouth back from the 1840s. He was a Scottish businessman and politician. Breeding dogs was his hobby. Consequently, he managed to breed Golden Retrievers by crossing bloodhounds, setters, and the existing retrievers. Then the breed plummeted into the spotlight because of President Gerald Ford who owned one. Golden Retrievers or Goldens are named like that because they were really bred to get their owner’s waterfowl.


Before diving into the pros and cons of Golden Retrievers, let us first get to know a bit about the breed.

A male Golden Retriever weighs from 29 to 34 kg. while female weighs from 25 to 29 kg. A male can stand from 56 to 61 cm. while a female can stand from 51 to 56 cm. At the same time, they have a thick, long double coat and can live from up to 10-12 years. When deciding if you are going to own one, you should take into consideration the breed’s activity level, exercise requirements, shedding, grooming, size, socialization, and training.

If the dog’s overall nature and needs complement yours as the owner, then having one is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you find that its needs will take too much of your energy and resources, then it is not the right dog for you. Let us now move on to the pros and cons list of owning Golden Retrievers.


They are sweet

They cuddle a lot! Also, they love you a lot!

They are calm

They have a general docile temperament, so no need to worry of barking noises or sudden brawls with other dogs. Hence, if you are one who is quiet too, you will get along pretty well with this famed blonde breed. Also, this is what makes them as the best companions for your meditation and yoga sessions.

They are smart

Their high intelligence is the reason why they are perfect as a guide, assistance, or search dogs. Besides their intelligence, they have an emphatic ability that makes them the best dog ever, arguably.

They are easy to train

Training them to fetch things won’t be hard because retrieving is their nature and that the activity is really easy because of the softness of their mouth which was developed because they were originally bred to carry waterfowls in there.

They are family oriented

They cherish all the members of the household where they are introduced to. For this reason, they will make sure that they know each one in the house and that everyone has a good opinion of them. How? They will most likely bond with each one.

They love kids

Kids who do tail pulling, screaming, poking, and all that stuff will be tolerated by a Golden Retriever.

They love to play

Even though they are generally calm, they also have a fun and naughty side to them. From time to time, they like to run and get messy with you. Also, fetching is the game that they love the most. You will see them at their happiest and most lively when you are having a game of fetch. It is because they are in their element and at the same time, they love pleasing you or people in general. They love to show how obedient they are.


They don’t bark that much

Again, they are usually quiet.

They almost don’t have a tendency to bite

Again, they are good-natured.

They don’t mind getting dirty

They were designed to be in wetlands, so being wet, getting mud, or just being dirty in general won’t irritate them. Nonetheless, they will most likely to rather enjoy it. It just means that your Golden Retriever can most likely adapt in any environment. It won’t get dramatic because drama isn’t in their vocabulary.

They have an unwavering loyalty

A Golden Retriever will come back to you no matter what. At the end of the day, you are their owner and they love you more than anyone or anything in the world.

Its grooming requirements aren’t demanding

Yes, their coat is long and doubled layer. Despite these, regular brushing and occasional bath are enough to maintain its coat.

It is precisely gentle

They can be your teddy bear! Indeed, they aren’t just tender with kids but to everyone in general. Even if you push or poke them, they will surely put up with it. At the same time, they won’t be hostile to you. This isn’t an invitation to intentionally hurt a Golden Retriever though. In fact, reciprocate the love and be gentle too!


They are always hungry

Since they can grow really big, they always crave for food. You may need to have a handful of treats ready as soon as they start asking you about their eating schedule, even though they just ate a full meal.

A Golden Retriever puppy and up to six months of age need to be fed for three times a day. Meanwhile, an adolescent between six months of age and one year old need to be fed for two to three times a day. Just like the little ones, they need to consume the low end of recommended amount of food or slightly more if the ribs are showing. Then, an active one between one to seven years old should eat at the same frequency but a bit more on the days when it is significantly energetic.

On the other hand, a sedentary adult between one to seven years old need to be fed for two times a day. At the same time, if the dog is losing waistline, feed it a bit less. Lastly, a senior Golden Retriever which is seven years and older should eat two times a day. Do feed it with premium food manufactured for old dogs.

They need regular exercise

A 40-60 minute exercise a day is needed to maintain its health. If they don’t get enough workout, they can be overweight and exhibit a lot of mouthiness.

Now, remember that their exercise doesn’t need to be rigorous. The key is daily consistency. A Golden Retriever may be good natured, but if it doesn’t get its right amount of exercise where training is also combined, it won’t be healthy and be taught of good manners.

They do high-spirited jumping

They really adore jumping up and down a lot once they get in the mood. It is difficult to stop them once that happens. Also, expect this during their early years when their energetic levels are peaking and spiking as well.

They shed a lot of hair

They shed tremendously for two times a year, but generally, there will be lots of hair everywhere if you own a Golden Retriever.

They don’t like being alone

They love the company of people. That is the reason why they are known as the family or the friendly dog. You definitely won’t be able to make them stay in one place where they will be just by themselves. For them, that is the worst thing you can do. So if you are a stay-at-home kind of person, the Golden Retriever will lock itself inside the house too. Conversely, if you are an outdoorsy person, it will join you too no matter how far you will go. Basically, you won’t be able to just shake a Golden Retriever off.


They are prone to some health problems

Hip displaysia is common among golden retrievers. It is the distinct difficulty in standing up after lying down. They are also prone to some heart, eye, and hearing problems. Therefore, they need to be taken to the veterinarian for at least once a year to check if everything is okay. Also, these health problems are very much common with senior Golden Retrievers. Without a doubt, they need more surveillance and more trips to the vet clinic. A once a month checkup is good.

They have a distinctive body odor

Golden Retrievers are just like the other dogs which have their own unique smell.

They chew almost everything

Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve, so it is in their nature to chew almost every single thing that interests them. If they aren’t meticulously trained to be behave towards the things in the house, then expect your slippers, pillows, sheets, and almost everything to be bitten and misplaced here, there, and everywhere.

They aren’t good watchdogs

They can’t be trusted to watch over the night or to repel strangers. Why? They treat every human being as a long-lost friend. Clearly, they aren’t aggressive.

They are notorious diggers

Again, it is in their nature to retrieve, so if they get bored when there is nothing to do, expect that they will do tons of digging anywhere. If you have a lawn or a garden, be prepared to walk in there someday and see a patch or two. 


There you go; the pros and cons of Golden Retrievers!

Now, the golden rule of having a pet dog is: don’t get one if you can’t properly take care of one! Absolutely don’t mess with a dog who is well-fed and having a happy and secured life in someone else’s home or in the shelter and then put it under your care even though you know that you can’t deliver. That is just cruel and unnecessary.

Alternatively, if you are someone who is responsible enough to own a pet dog, choosing the breed is an important step you must take. It needs to be taken seriously because you are basically choosing a roommate for as long as you both shall live. Both of you should be each other’s complementing other half.

If you ever found yourself in the brink of getting a Golden Retriever, pause again, and think about it carefully. This breed is extremely popular as the teddy bear, cute, friendly dog. It is hard to not get one immediately as soon as the idea gets in your head, but you need to think first. You don’t want this sweet dog to be in your arms if you won’t be a good fit for each other in the long run. There are many factors to consider. Dividing the circumstance into a two column list of pros and cons may help you decide.

Under the pros section of this pros and cons list of owning Golden Retrievers are just some of the good things you may experience if you own one. If you like a dog that has a docile temperament that is most of the time eager to please you, then rest assure that getting a Golden Retriever is the right decision. If, on the other hand, you are the type of person who likes everything rough, you may not really be able to fully cherish a sweet golden retriever. The best thing you can do is to just dodge the opportunity to be able to have one.

Once again, this pros and cons list of Golden Retrievers doesn’t mean that they are problematic. No other dog has problems. Again, all dogs are angels. But despite of that fact, aspiring pet owners should see the fur parenting’s potential problematic areas in the context of them as the owner. Making a list just like in here is a must. Now, if listing isn’t your thing, going to a seasoned pet dog owner, a dog lover, an expert, or a veterinarian is also a good idea! You won’t only get answers for your questions, but you will surely gain tips or advice on how to level up your fur parenting skills for the dog breed that you finally ended up with.

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