Why do Dogs Have a Favorite Person? Everything You Need to Know

Yes, dogs have a favorite person. Yes, it sucks because it means that there is a possibility that even if you love your pet that much, you may not be its “hooman.” Indeed, you can definitely tell a dog’s favorite person. It is the one whom it runs to first as soon as it wakes up in the morning. It is the one whom it likes to cuddle with when it is sleepy. Moreover, it is the one whose calls it one hundred percent answers to.

A dog in the house will most likely have a favored person and if it isn’t you even if you are, technically, its fur parent, you just have to accept the reality. It is a bit painful, but that is just what it is. On the other hand, if you are your dog’s favorite, then congratulations!

Now, let us dive a little bit as to why dogs have a favorite person.


Some dog breeds are prone to focus only on one person. Contrarily, there are dog breeds that like to spread their love to the whole family. For this reason, you may want to look at your dog’s breed to understand its inclination.

The dogs that don’t usually have a favorite person are breeds such as the Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, Irish Setter, Poodle, Beagle, Collie, Bull Terrier, Mutts, and Vizsla. Without a doubt, the common denominators with these breeds are their eagerness to please humans and their unimaginable sweet nature. They are open to both kids, adults, and even strangers. You can’t trust these dogs to be watchdogs because they will treat strangers as if they are their long-lost friend. Absolutely, these dogs are super friendly and likes to shower love to every person in the room.

On the other hand, there are certain dogs who are just designed to be most in sync with one person. Examples are breeds such as Basenji, Greyhound, Shiba Inu, and Cairn Terrier.


Another answer to the question of why do dogs have a favorite person is that they will most likely bond with the human who has the same personality and temperament as them.

Hence, look at your dog and carefully observe its personality and temperament or nature. A dog that is a bit playful and has a temperament leaning on the outgoing side, it will most likely be attached with a human that is active as well. At the same time, a dog that is more quiet or reserved will most likely want the company of a human that is just calm.


Another reason as to why do dogs have a favorite person is this factor. There is a phase in a dog’s life called as the socialization period. It is between the dog’s birth up to its six month. Indeed, it is a crucial part because the development of the puppy’s brain is happening. It is the time when everything that is taking place around are very easily received and perceived by the dog. For this reason, it is just reasonable that they will most likely grow fond of the human who was there during this stage of their life.

Additionally, introducing them to as many people as possible during this time is important. If you are successful in this endeavor, you will find that your dog is good at socializing with a variety of people when it is already a grown up.


Why do dogs have a favorite person? It may be answered too through the attention and affection that they get.

A dog will favor a human who, of course, gives it its much needed attention than those who don’t. Also, it will like the human who showers it with love the most. So if your pet sees that you are attentive to it whenever it gets your attention, that you are focused on its needs, and that you are almost always on its side, it will adore you! If it sees that you always give it food, sometimes more than the usual which is a real treat for it, your dog will revere you!


With regards to treats mentioned above, dogs have a favorite human, partly because of a factor called as positive association. It is a dog associating a good feeling or a good moment with one specific person. How does it happen?

The dog will perceive a good feeling or sensation and then look around it. If you are with your pet during this fun and happy moment, it will associate you with the said joyful feeling. You will most definitely end up as being their favorite person. So if you are the one who is always feeding them, who adds to their meals sometimes, who gives them treats from time to time, who gives them a pet or a hug, then you can increase the odds of you landing on your pet’s heart.


Another answer to why do dogs have a favorite person is this one. Your dog will surely love you to the moon and back if you introduced it to a new thing or activity that it liked. Your pet will never forget that you are the one on its side when it finally got to experience amazing activities such as swimming, hiking, scent tracking, trying agility courses, playing puzzle games, and eating a new delicious treat.


Most dogs don’t like taking medications through pills or capsules. It is usually a funny surprise since they are almost ready to eat anything that goes in their way. With these though, they reject intensely. They even have a sense if you are trying to trick them into taking one. Another bad moment for some dogs is taking bath. Some dogs just don’t want getting wet or cold.

Now, if you make a way for these bad experiences to be a little less bad for them, your dog will certainly like you! It will really make a lot of difference if you won’t shout at them when you are trying to put a pill in their mouth. They will also appreciate if you aren’t so forceful when you are doing the input of medication by hand. If you trick them into taking one and they taste the medication as they chew but they also taste the sweetness of the peanut butter you added, your dog won’t be that mad and annoyed with you. Dogs that aren’t fun of bathing will appreciate it if you won’t force them, but rather cuddle them first as you persuade them to go to their tub. They will like it if you give them rubs as you slowly pour water onto them.


If you are certain that you are your dog’s favorite, then good for you! There can be no better feeling than that if you are a dog owner or fur parent. But if you realize that you are not and you really want to be, fret not because it is not the end yet. You can still convince your pet that you should be at the deepest chamber of their heart because they are in yours.

What can you do? Well, first, make sure that you are on their side during their early stages. From there, a deep bond will arise between the both of you and that kind of connection is hard to break once it happens. Next, try to relate to your dog with regards to its personality. This isn’t hard for owners with the same nature as their dog, but for owners who has a different personality with their pet, a bit of effort must be made. If your pet is really active and you aren’t, try to play with him more than usual and vice versa if your pet is docile.

Also, you can try being so attentive to your pet even up to the point that it will be surprised too! Shower your dog with lots of love! Be the one to feed it and make an effort to be seen as the human with hands full of yummy treats! You should also see to it that you are the one who is training your dog. Play with your pet with whatever game it likes such as fetch, flyball, tug, or hide and seek. Walk your dog often or join it as it does its daily runs. If your dog likes grooming and massages, try not going to groomers but learning grooming and massaging yourself. Then do those a lot!

You see, the answer to the question “why do dogs have a favorite person?” relies on bond. Certainly, you must be very careful to not be associated with bad or negative things. Once that happens, it will really hard to break out because when your dog sees you, it will instantly feel sad, frightened, or their energy level goes down. So be cautious! Altogether, you can definitely be your pet’s #1 by creating a bond that out-stands others.