5 Best Washable Dog Beds for Large Dogs (2023)

Aside from getting a large bed for your pooch, you should also consider the maintenance it comes with. Large beds mean intense washing, and if it’s not machine-washable, you’d have to deal with the hassle of hand-washing. With this, it’s best to look for washable dog beds for large dogs that can be tossed into the wash entirely oar at least one that comes with a removable cover.

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Dirt that harbors on a dog bed

As pet owners ourselves, we know that large dogs can bring a lot of dirt indoors. Most large breeds are energetic, so they can’t be kept indoors all day long. After a tiring drill of rolling in the grass, digging through the fence, or exploring a pile of dried leaves, the doggo will retreat to its bed for some rest.

If you don’t keep an eye, your dirty doggo will be sleeping on its bed with the dust and dirt stuck on its coat. The following are some of the possible dirt you’ll find on your dog’s cot:


Even if you keep your canine indoors, it will still produce dander that will stick to its bed. Dander is shed skin that can cause allergic reactions to some pet owners.

If not cleaned right away, accumulated dander will soon produce a bad odor. This is much true if it’s mixed with other dirt.

-Shed fur

If you own a Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky, Samoyed, and other thick-coated doggos, expect that it will be a shedding galore.

The good thing with dog beds, though, is it keeps the shedding in one place. It’s much easier to clean than having to scour the entire house with a vacuum.

Still, shed fur can stick to the bed, especially if the lining is made of fleece and other fabric that tend to pill.


Calling all Bulldog, Mastiff, and Bloodhound owners out there! These canines drool a lot and will surely add up to the things you’d have to clean on their bed. Dog drool, as you know, isn’t the most amazing substance to sniff. Over time, the mixture drool, fur, and dander will make an explosive, stinky bomb in your home.

As much as you can’t stop the drooling, you can keep the bed fresh and clean by washing it once a week.


At least once in a dog’s life, it will become infected with ticks, fleas, or mange. These parasites don’t just suck blood from your dog; it also makes their skin stinky. As the parasite bites, your dog itches and scratches. This will leave open wounds that will lead to infections.

Guess what, this smell will linger on the dog bed if you don’t wash it regularly. Most importantly, you need to cure the problem, which will require a consistent approach and the help of a veterinarian.

-Poo and pee

Some dogs tend to have accidents while sleeping due to incontinence. When this happens, you’ll face the hassle of getting the poo or pee out of the foam bed or whatever the filling is.

Wiping alone can’t remove the stink of this dirt, much so if your doggo is suffering from diarrhea. Washing is very much needed here for a deep cleanse. This is where washable dog beds for large dogs really come handy.

-Food bits

If your doggo isn’t an intense shedder or drooler, one thing you have to watch out are food bits that they may wipe on the bed. Some dogs that chew the bed after eating are guaranteed to be adding yet another washing task for you.

Food bits will get spoiled and cause an awful smell. Make sure that you wash your dog’s bed regularly.

-Outdoor muck

Dogs that love to play outdoors will bring dust, soil, grass, and even other filth indoors. And since they are too tired of playing, they will slump on their bed for a nap. And if you haven’t groomed the pooch for long, expect a dirty bed in just a few days.

Not all dog beds are machine washable!

Take note that not all dog beds are washable. Some can be machine-washed entirely, others have removable covers, and some need to be washed by hand.

Beware of the following:

*Some beds have non-removable cover

For beds with non-removable covers, make sure that it can be machine-washed completely. Otherwise, there’s no way to get rid of fluids or substances that could spill on it.

*Other materials can’t withstand machine-washing

Some dog beds have stuffing that can’t endure the force of machine-washing. Although some have removable covers, the material could fray or pill easily.

*The closures of some beds will be damaged if washed

Zippers and other closures of low-quality beds may give off during machine washing. It’s best to look for one with durable zippers or a bed that can be tossed in the wash entirely.

*Some beds have covers that are a pain to put on and off

In some cases, dog beds have a removable cover, but the problem is that it’s a pain to put on or off. In the end, you may spill the dirt (especially if your dog eliminated in bed).

How to keep your dog’s bed clean

Aside from washing, you can keep your dog’s bed clean with some proactive steps. Here are some habits that will make washing much easier next time.

*Air it regularly

If you’re not washing the bed, make sure that you air it outside and in direct sunlight (if the material allows). This will help remove bad odor and dry fluids that have spilled on it. Airing your dog’s bed in direct sunlight will also help remove ticks and fleas.

Still, you should wash the bed at some point since the dirt will accumulate on it nonetheless.

*Lint rollers come handy

For dogs that shed heavily, lint rollers are always handy to remove stubborn fur that won’t come off the bed. You can also use lint rollers on your couch and other upholstered surfaces where dog fur tends to stick.

*Don’t let your dog rub outdoor dirt on the bed

If you let your dog play outdoors, don’t let them go straight to the bed for rest. Spare a few minutes to brush their coat or even apply dry shampoo if they got really soiled.

*Housebreaking is a must

Your doggo must be fully housebroken before it enters adulthood. This way, you can prevent accidents in the house, especially in their bed. If a housebroken dog starts to have accidents, you should check with a vet to rule out incontinence.

*Grooming is everything

Be it for a massive shedder or a thin-coated pooch, grooming is essential. Some dogs need weekly bathing, while others can go along for a month or two. Even if you’re not bathing your dog, make sure that you brush its coat daily.

This will remove superficial dirt while you also keep an eye on potential skin problems and the presence of parasites.

Top 5 Washable Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Are you looking for the best washable dog beds for large dogs? Here are our five best picks. Check which one suits your pet best. Also, share your choice with us in the comment section!

OUR TOP PICK: Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler Bed
washable dog beds for large dogs

Product Name: Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler Bed

Product Description: If your dog doesn’t have any special orthopedic needs, we highly recommend the Best Friends by Sheri Donut Bed. This is a plush bed with a vegan fur cover for added warmth and comfort. This bed is filled with air loft fibers that give off a plush feel for your dog. Meanwhile, the cover is a combination of nylon and faux fur for a soft feel. It also has slightly raised edges where your doggo can cozy up. The fur cover is actually reminiscent of the mother dog’s coat, which will give your pooch a calm sleep.

Offer price: 35

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Material Quality
  • Comfort Level
  • Washability
  • Value for Money
  • Body Support


In addition, this donut bed is available in small, medium, and large sizes of as much as 45”.

Once the bed is dirty, you can toss it entirely into an oversized washing machine. To prevent matting the fur, make sure that you dry this bed thoroughly inside the washing machine. Also, if you don’t have a large machine, you can unzip the stuffing and cover to wash all of it at the same time.


✔️Fully machine washable


✔️Perfect for burrowing dogs


❌Does not offer support for dogs with joint problems


MidWest Home for Pets Washable Dog Bed

washable dog beds for large dogs

If the super plush bed from Best Friends won’t work for your dog, you should consider the MidWest Home for Pets Washable Dog Bed. This one has a padded design made of ultra-soft polyester with tufted and plush polyfiber stuffing.

We love that this dog bed is available in 18, 22, 24, 30 36, 42, and 48-inch sizes. So if you have multiple dogs at home, you can buy them the same beds in different sizes.

Another thing that really dig about this dog bed is its Ombre swirl pattern that adds a decorative vibe to your home. Nevertheless, it’s super comfy for pets and it’s super low-maintenance too.

When this bed gets dirty, you can toss it into the washing machine entirely. It’s also dryer-friendly, which means your dog’s bed will come out of the wash ready for usage.

Also, this MidWest dog bed comes with a 1-year quality guarantee. For a reasonable price, this is already an irresistible offer.

✔️Fully machine washable, dryer-friendly
✔️1-year quality guarantee
✔️Attractive swirl patterns
❌A little thin for very heavy dogs

Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed

washable dog beds for large dogs

If you’re looking for a bolster bed that you can toss in the wash, the Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed won’t disappoint. This plush bed has high loft polyester fill with microsuede fabric cover. Its bottom is water-resistant, which suits doggos with a bad case of incontinence.

We really love this oversized bagel bed as it can support dogs weighing 70 to 110 pounds. It also has higher bolsters which makes it comfier for large doggos.

This bed is available in small (24”) to large (52”) sizes to suit most small to large canines. Also, the bonus part here is it comes in different colors so you can choose one that matches the motif of your home.

It’s also a great bed for dogs that need extra support for their joints. It’s super soft and very easy to clean, which is everything you can ever wish for a dog bed.

✔️Water-resistant bottom to prevent spills
✔️Provides orthopedic support
✔️Suits oversized dogs
❌It can make use of additional stuffing, but not a deal-breaker

Barksbar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you don’t have a large washing machine for oversized dog beds, you can get the Barksbar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed. It has a removable polyester cover that can be machine-washed and dried at the same time.

This bed is stuffed with 4 inches of solid orthopedic foam perfect for dogs with joint problems. And for added comfort, it has cotton-padded edges that offer a mild bolster.

Overall, this bed has a quilted and sleek design that will accentuate your home. It’s also available in medium and large sizes for multi-dog households.

Also, we like that it has non-slip rubber backing which keeps the bed in place on tiled and wooden floors. For a small price, your dog won’t get enough of this comfy bed.

However, the assembly can be a pain in this bed as it comes with two layers of padding. But once you get everything zipped, the hassle is all worth it.

✔️Made with orthopedic foam
✔️Machine-washable, dryer-friendly cover
✔️Added cotton padding for a mild bolster
❌Not ideal for dogs with limited range of motion as the bed runs high

Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you want a simple bed that you can zip and unzip, the Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Dog Bed is what we recommend. This orthopedic bed has CertiPUR-US certified egg-crate foam base with fluffy bolster to add comfort to your dog. Such foam structure offers joint support while promoting better airflow.

This bed has a faux suede cover that’s soft to sleep on. It’s also gentle on the paws and nose of your dog, which is added peace of mind. The cover is removable and safe for machine-washing.

Also, this bed is available in varying colors, so you can choose one that suits your taste. And like other Furhaven beds, this is available in different sizes well.

Since this cot has a low profile entrance, it suits dogs with limited range of motion and problematic joints.

✔️CertiPUR-US certified foam
✔️Machine-washable cover
✔️Egg-crate foam design for better airflow
❌Not for dogs with intense chewing habits

Final words

Washable dog beds for large dogs save you from the hassle of cleaning up the mess of your pooch. It’s easy to maintain and you can always find one at a reasonable price. Here, we reviewed five our favorites which will surely suit your budget.

What do you think of our options here? Do you have something to add? Share it with us in the comment section below! 

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