10 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool Outside

In the summer season, it is actually the best time to go outdoors and have some fun activities together with your pooch under the sun. However, hot days can be generally stressing on the dogs. In order to prevent them to get stressed from the hot weather, here are the basic ways to keep dogs cool outside.

Why Dogs Need to Cool Down?

Once the weather turns high, it is really important to be cautious about how the high temperature affects your pooch. Generally, dog overheating is something to consider to some extent. Dogs suffering from heat exhaustion may result in dangerously fatal conditions like cardiac arrest or heat stroke. Below are some of the signs of overheating in dogs for you to keep an eye for them to stay safe and remain cool outside.

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Dogs generally don’t sweat and take out the excess heat on their body. However, you may find dog’s sweat glands over their paws, yet, it is just a little help in regulating their body temperature. So, in order to regulate their temperature, dogs usually breathe in an open-mouthed and rapid manner called panting. But, panting might not usually enough ways to keep dogs cool outside and take them away from overheating.

Basically, this condition in dogs occurs during the elevation of their body temperature higher than the normal level. In case the temperature rises and reaches 106 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, pooch may be on the line for heatstroke. During this state, the organs of the dog may shut down and the heart will stop as well.

Warning Signs of Overheating in Dogs

It is generally better to check for these signs on your dog to provide them the ways to keep dogs cool outside:

  1. Less responsive to commands
  2. Excessive panting
  3. Convulsions
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Blue or bright red gums or tongue
  7. Glazed eyes
  8. Excessive drooling
  9. Rapid heart rate
  10. Dizziness
  11. Fever
  12. Loss of consciousness
Things to Do During Dog Overheating

Generally, once you see any signs of overheating on your dog, just do the ways to keep dogs cool outside or inside your home. Check below the following tips on how to treat dog exhaustion:

  • Place your dog in a cooler area right away. If you are inside the house, put the dog in an air-conditioned area. In case, you are on the outside, look for shade.
  • Check the dog’s temperature through a rectal thermometer. Call the vet right away if the temperature is above 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • One of the ways to keep dogs cool outside is let him dip down a lake or a pool if there is something nearby.
  • Use cool or wet cloths and place it around the dog’s neck, armpits, and legs. Moreover, wet the ears and paw pads using cool water.
  • Provide the dog cool and freshwater in case the dog is conscious and also likes to drink. But, bear in mind not to force him to do so as the water may end up in the dog’s lungs. If the dog is unable to drink, just wet his tongue with water. Another thing to remember is not feeding him with ice cubes which will lead to dropping of their temperature resulting in shock.

Basic Ways to Keep Dogs Cool Outside

Since we are aware that your furry buddy is prone to heat exhaustion, it is actually better to prevent overheating than to treat it once it occurs. Here are the ways to keep dogs cool outside:

1. Give lots of fresh and cool water

Like humans, dogs also need lots of water. And to be able to provide them with a sufficient amount of water that they need, consider doing these tips:

ways to keep dogs cool outside
  • Let the water to freeze so that it may stay cold longer when you put the frozen water out. Aside from that, the dog can also have a cool drink. Just remember to place the water bowl under the shade.
  • Go on a beach outing or to the lake with your dog. Generally, let your dog play and enjoy splashing on the water. However, be very observant as they can still overexert or get heatstroke even if they are on the water. Moreover, try to put a life jacket on your dog because not all dogs can swim naturally.
  • Provide a cool place to dig in. Usually, a sandbox area around the yard space may welcome the dogs to dig. Dogs have this natural behavior to dig a hole so that they can sit and keep their body cool. One of the ways to keep dogs cool outside is by spraying the sand with some cold water.

2. Look for shade

Basically, try to have some breaks if you are camping out with your pooch. Big trees that offer a great shade is one of the very simple ways to keep dogs cool outside especially during the hot summer. Aside from protecting your dog from the hot rays of the sun, it also provides better airflow. In case there is no shade tree available, you do an alternative by placing an umbrella.

Moreover, try to allow your dog to sit inside the car with an open cold AC air. Do this until the dog already stops panting. If you are staying at home, regularly get him inside and let him take some rest before playing outside again. Remember that dogs should not be kept outside all throughout the day.

In case, you have this so-called “outside dog” or those hanging out in the yard by choice, try to let them in especially during the hot season. Yes, most of the time, dogs really enjoy the outdoors, but they did not want to endure it during extreme heat. Once inside the house, place their favorite dog blanket on the crate. Also, include a cooling fan during the summer and place some chew toys for additional enjoyment and.

3. Give frozen dog treats

Offering your pooch a tasty frozen dog treat may be fun and at the same time one of the helpful ways to keep dogs cool outside. Frozen homemade treats recipes are widely available and they are basically easy to prepare. Generally, the dogs will definitely love it. Just be mindful of the calories when you opt to prepare this meal for your pooch.

4. Do an early morning or late evening walks

Walks during the early morning or in the late evenings is also another one of simple yet easy ways to keep dogs cool outside. During these times, the outside environments reach its coolest temperature. Just ensure to verify first the ground temperature during the hot days. Remember that asphalt and sand may get hot and maybe felt by the dogs’ paws.

In case, you find it difficult to do the early morning or the late evening walks, consider walking in shady areas or places near the bodies of water. One of the best options for this is walking with your dog near the beach. However, keep an eye on your dog and for any signs of heatstroke.

Don’t go out on a walk without carrying a water and portable water bowl. In case the dog already looks tired or keep on lying down under the shade, it is an indication that he wants to go home. But, offer him a cool drink and allow him to have some rest under the shade before going back home.

5. Get some help from the cooling aids

In executing the ways to keep dogs cool outside, you may find it advantageous to get some help. Consider using a cooling mat or cooling vest intended for dog use. Generally, these dog products work by soaking in cool water and, afterwards, they stay cool for a long time period.

In case you do not have any, soaking a towel in cool water is the best alternative. Let the dog lie on the soaked towel and monitor it often. It is generally advisable to replace it once the towel gets too hot.

Aside from that, spraying the dog’s belly and paws with cool water is also a big help. Doing this will allow the dog to cool down faster through the belly and paws area and spraying water around their backs. If you have a fan, put ice water in front of the fan to effectively cool them down.

6. Make a doggie oasis on the backyard

One of the best ways to keep dogs cool outside is to utilize the water and the shade in your backyard. Try to invest a dog pool to let them splash and play on the water. The kiddie pool may also do a great job.

ways to keep dogs cool outside

Generally, put water over the pool on the night ahead. This will basically let the water to become nice and cool the next day. In case, you fill-up the pool during the day, it is good to check the water temperature from the hose before you fill-up the pool with water. There may be times that water may be hot if the hose stays outside under the sun.

The water that is cold enough will give a wonderful feeling to your dog’s paws. Yet, allowing them to have some splash on the pool will provide them the good time of entertainment. You can place some floating toys over the pool for extra fun. Or, incorporate the sprinkler as most dogs basically love to play with water from the sprinkler.

7. Change the habit

Usually, dogs are thriving to go on a habit and switching it up can result in a depression on dogs. Yet, this applies true to extreme conditions. In case you are not doing this habit, reroute the walking session of your pooch or the playtime schedule when the environment is not hot.

8. Keep an eye on paw blisters

Generally, paw pads act as built-in shoes for doggies. However, even if they look durable, paw pads are still prone to heat. When you feel the pain once stepping on the hot sand, then it also means that your dog can feel the hot surface.

During very hot conditions, the dog’s paws can develop blisters and tear open. Keep in mind that caring for the dog paw is important yet it is forgotten most of the time. Moreover, it is a hard process to heal open wounds located at your dog’s paws.

One of the ways to keep dogs cool outside is to keep them from stepping on a hot surface. In order to test your dog’s tolerance and endurance in trotting on hot sand, try to place the back of your hand or your palm over it. If you still feel comfortable doing it for five seconds or above, it means that dog can still walk over it. But, if you can’t, then wait for the coolest time of the day to let your dog walk around.

Another option is to let your dog walk on the grass if you feel the hot surface of the sand or the pavement. This alternative is basically one of the simple ways to keep dogs cool outside. Moreover, you can also try to use dog shoes to protect their paws.

9. Often do the brushing

Dogs generally shed and this dog’s natural body phenomenon is one of the ways to keep dogs cool outside. Yet, this shedding issue can be naturally addressed by brushing your dog on a regular basis. Moreover, to take away the extra hair that should be shed out, washing your pooch is a big help. But, ensure not to give them a bath as often because this can strip off the dog coat and skin’s natural oils.

In case, your dog does not have a double coat, it is advisable to have their coat cut by the pet groomer. Remember, that cutting off their coat is important regardless of the length and thickness of it. However, do not ever attempt to shave the double coats. Better to consult the veterinarian or pet groomer if you do not know the mutt’s breed or if they have a double coat.

Dog breeds that are popular for having double coats are the Bearded Collies, Chow Chows, Huskies, Shiba Inus to name a few. Additionally, terriers may also have double coats but it is not long or fluffy enough compared to Malamutes.

10. Avoid strenuous activities

Basically, the dog is our furry buddy which accompanies us even on making our body physically fit. Typically, dogs imitate or depend on the lifestyle of their owner. If you are a type owner contented to be seated around, then most likely, your dog would be one just also seating around. Remember, even dogs need to have a regular exercise and socialization to have a happy pooch life.  

Well, as a pet owner, you have the complete responsibility of knowing your dog best. A terrier usually needs to have at least twice a week exercise schedule compared to a Lab. Yet, there is always a proper way of executing it.

Being aware of your dog’s requirements in maintaining their shape doesn’t basically mean that playtime must be sacrificed during the hot season. Instead, try to hug the warmer season and learn ways to keep dogs cool outside when they need exercise.

Basically, this only means that you must have to do the everyday jogging both in the early morning or late evening and not on the midday. Moreover, once you notice excessive panting of your dog, it indicates that it is already time to cut off the game.

Final Thoughts

Like humans, dogs may also suffer from extreme heat and develop some health-related issues like heat exhaustion. This usually occurs during the summer when the environmental temperature is really high. Knowing this, you must have to conduct ways to keep dogs cool outside being their pet owners. Following those tips may generally be helpful in giving a healthier and happier life to your furry buddy.