15 Dog Breeds that Can Live Outside

Not all dogs are the same. Different dog breeds were created to perform different tasks. Moreover, various breeds also lie on their differences in the length of their coat and body agility. Generally, dog breeds that can live outside the house can do the outdoor works far better than those that choose to stay on their couch.

Aside from doing tons of workload outside, dogs that tend to be on the outside also prefer to spend adventures with their owners. Investing time with them in the wilderness or even on your backyard is the best thing to do with these dog breeds. Yet, you still need to consider that your place is suitable for them. Check below the different dog breeds that can live outside and fun to have outdoor activities.

List of Dog Breeds that Can Live Outside

If you are an adventurous type of person and you also want to have an adventure buddy to be with, just look for dog breeds that can live outside. Definitely, they’ll also love to spend most of their time in the outdoor. So, to filter down your choice, here are the different dog breeds that can live outside:

Alaskan Malamute

If you are looking for dog breeds that can live outside that also has great size, go after an Alaskan Malamute. They have an innate gentleness and they were bred to do sled hauling and exhibit great strength. Constant activity and stimulation are the most common requirements of having an Alaskan Malamute at home. However, if you tend to live in an apartment, do not attempt to grab one as this dog breed also needs a spacious area to roam around.

dog breeds that can live outside

The Alaskan Malamute also have high levels of energy and also requires more time on the outdoor and exercise. This dog breed really love to be on the outdoors, yet they are not suitable for areas with hot temperatures because of their thick coats. Aside from that, they shed a lot that’s why brushing the Malamute is a big thing if you have them.

American Foxhound

With a weight of about 40 to 65 pounds and a height of 21 to 25 inches tall, the American Foxhound is also another example of dog breeds that can live outside. Anything activities outside the house can generally make the American Foxhound the happiest. They can be an excellent running buddy regardless of the climate due to their love for running and a high level of stamina.

Aside from that, this dog breed can live on either hot or cold weather conditions. But, you still need to check the temperature of the Foxhounds when they’re outside from time to time especially for long time periods. This is crucial in order to keep them away from overheating and discomfort.

The American Foxhound is also a dog breed that can be great for the family. Sad to say, they may not be suitable for any household as this dog breed is very vocal.

Australian Cattle Dog

Another example of dog breeds that can live outside especially during hot weather condition is the Australian Cattle Dog. Typically, their coat grows on a medium-length size. Moreover, this dog breed is easily trainable and very witty. That’s why they always require stimulation of both the physical and mental aspects.

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to herd cattle making them want to a part of the family activities most likely those that require running. In case you live on a farm, you would never go wrong with the Australian Cattle Dog as they really want to have a job to work on. And most of the time, they want to run and stretch out so long fetching session is a good way to burn up their energy as well as to spend time with them.

Australian Shepherd

Basically, one of the dog breeds that can live outside is the Australian Shepherd. They are also great for any outdoor activities. Originally, the purpose of their breeding is to herd cattle. The Australian Shepherd exhibits high levels of energy, great speed, and agility. Aside from that, this dog breed is also one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Once they perform outdoor activities, the Australian Shepherd is the happiest. They are also able to follow commands and tend to be good with children because they are also an excellent family dog. However, if you choose to own this dog breed, make sure that you will provide them with lots of exercises.

Remember, in order to make the Australian Shepherd happy and healthy, you need to stimulate their mental alertness as well. Moreover, their happiness can be maintained through long hours of walks and outdoor canine sports every day.  

Bearded Collie

A herding dog that was originally bred in Scotland is the Bearded Collie. They are also dog breeds that can live outside. However, they can are highly adaptable with the apartment life provide that the house has more rooms to play on. Aside from that, the Bearded Collie also needs an active owner because of their playfulness.

This dog breed actually has high levels of energy, very outgoing, and full of love. In order to make use of their energy, sixty minutes of outdoor activities are needed by the Bearded Collie every day.

Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog was generally bred in Belgium for the purpose of sheep herding. Because of that, this dog breed tends to have high levels of energy and great agility. Basically, the Belgian Sheepdog is one of the best dog breeds that can live outside. They are typically a large-sized dog breed that weighs about 60 to 75 pounds.

This dog breed generally adapts on both hot and cold weather conditions which makes them the perfect buddy for any household activity. Training them is very crucial due to their loyalty and intelligence. Aside from that, also ensure that they are also kept active to prevent them from being destructive.

Moreover, having them necessitates you to fence your yard very well because of the high prey drive of the Belgian Sheepdog. Also, be alert as this dog breed has the tendency to dig those fencing underneath.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

The watchdogs from Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dogs is also one of the dog breeds that can live outside. Since they are suitable on the outdoors, they were bred to herd cattle and even pull carts. They generally have a moderate level of energy, very loveable, and perfect for adventurous family as well.

Yet, the Bernese Mountain Dogs also have a thick coat which can lead to dog’s overheating. That’s why it is very much important to check on their temperature most likely during the hot weather. Usually, they grow to a weight range of about 70 to 110 pounds and a height of 23 to 28 inches tall. Because of that, handling them may be a little bit hard.


Another name for these dog breeds that can live outside is the Rough Collie. They generally herd animals because of their agility and fastness. Compared to the Bearded Collie, the Collie is a dog breed that is more of being athletic, very intelligent, have a great sense of loyalty, and extreme affection for the people around them.

dog breeds that can live outside

Generally, they can grow on the weight of about 50 to 70 pounds and 22 to 26 inches tall. Because of this, they are very adaptable to live even in an apartment. However, they basically require attention and exercise on a regular basis. If not, they may tend to be irritable and hard to train and control.

It is also better if you stimulate their mental and physical aspects through fly-ball and disk games. Moreover, the Collie is also adaptable in both hot and cold climate but they are better under cold weather condition. The important thing is to check on their health and temperature regardless of the weather.

German Shepherd

Another example of dog breeds that can live outside is the German Shepherd as they were bred for herding and protecting livestock. They generally have a very high energy level for activities on the outdoor making them very versatile and hard-working dog. Moreover, because of their unique bravery and loyalty, the German Shepherd is really incomparable.

They have a thick coat that’s why they can highly tolerate colder climate but they are also adaptable to all climates. Since their energy is too high, they need to have daily exercise. The German Shepherd is also excellent police and military dog. Aside from that, this dog breed is also a great shedder, so prepare yourself for cleaning their fur.

Moreover, always monitor this dog breed especially if they stay longer on the outside in extreme heat. Although their thick coat can adapt the hot condition, the German Shepherd is still prone to overheating.

Irish Wolfhound

One of the dog breeds that can live outside and also a large breed around the world, the Irish Wolfhound was bred to look for big preys. Since it is a large dog, it generally weighs about 115 to 180 pounds with a height of 32 to 35 inches. Due to that, the Irish Wolfhound is not suitable for owners living in an apartment. Instead, they are a great dog for an active family with children.

They are basically brave enough yet not really aggressive. That’s why they are not a good guard dog even if their size is scaring for intruders. Their thick coat usually protects them on hot and cold weather. So, the Irish Wolfhound is perfect for the outfields and forests.

Labrador Retriever

The medium to large-sized dog breeds that can live outside is the Labrador Retriever. They have excellent swimming capabilities because they were bred to fish and hunt. Because of that, the Labrador Retriever is generally perfect for outdoor activities and guarding. Their physical and mental aspects must need to be stimulated to use their energy.

The Labrador Retriever has great faith and playfulness. Moreover, they usually weigh around 55 to 80 pounds and reach 56 to 61 inches tall. Having this size, the male Labs are generally larger. It is also important to stick your eyes on this dog breed because they are highly susceptible to hip dysplasia.

Siberian Husky

Another example of dog breeds that can live outside is the Siberian Huskies as they have a high tolerance to cold. However, they also live in warmer weather but keeping them in a cold climate is actually the best for this dog breed. The best features of the Siberian Husky are their unique facial markings and blue-colored eyes.

Moreover, they have high levels of energy which require them constant stimulation in the physical and mental aspects. Socialization is also important for this dog breed as they really enjoy it a lot. Even though they are medium-sized, they are one of those dog breeds that can live outdoor and a perfect buddy for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Generally, the main work of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is primarily as home guardian and hunting buddy. Nowadays, this dog breed is really enticing to hug after a long-running session. Because of their high energy level, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is an excellent running buddy and companion dog for cardiovascular exercises. They generally adapt well on hot weather conditions and they easily get cold in places with low temperatures due to their short fur.

dog breeds that can live outside

The Rhodesian Ridgeback can do better with a family that also have an active lifestyle. This basically means that they should be provided with a high amount of exercises and trains them at an early age. That’s also the reason why they are considered as dog breeds that can live outside. Usually, they weigh up to a maximum of 70 to 85 pounds and reach a height of around 24 to 27 inches.


This one example of dog breeds that can live outside can grow up to 85 to 130 pounds with a height of about 22 to 27 inches. Generally, the Rottweiler is the best dog breed option for the family who’d always like to go out or those with big yards. If you live in an apartment, do not attempt to buy or adopt one as the Rottweiler may not adapt to that kind of living.

When you have time to go out, just ensure that you have your Rottweiler with you. Moreover, this dog breed generally enjoys swimming. As a large dog breed, the Rottweiler can do the work of driving cattle and pulling carts. Because of that, they really need to have lots of training making them not suitable for the first-time pet owner.


Also considered as one of the most energetic dog breeds, the Vizsla also belongs to the list of dog breeds that can live outside. They’re really a perfect match for a family with high levels of activity and outdoor lifestyle. However, due to the thin coat that they have, they only adapt well on warmer weather and not on colder temperature. The Vizsla generally loves to discover the outside world in the forests, fields, and wilderness.

Being a dog with high energy levels, this dog breed basically requires proper training and socialization. With just an hour in the outdoor, the Vizsla can do well and you may not a hard time handle them. Most importantly, check on your dog’s health because the Vizsla is highly susceptible to hip dysplasia and other health concerns.

Final Thoughts

There are numbers of dog breeds that can live outside which can be a great companion dog and running buddy. However, you just need to ensure that the dog’s health is good and that they are suitable to take outdoor activities. Even if they can adapt well with the outside environment, it is always important to check on your dog from time to time. Monitoring their temperature and energy levels is crucial so that dog overheating may be prevented. Having this in mind, these dogs will be an excellent adventure buddy.