5 Best Dog Joint Supplement for Every Dog Breed

It is always fun to see a dog playing around in the yard when it does not have any joint problems. However, all that can change when the dog starts to develop joint related health issues. In such a case, the dog would not longer be comfortable with running around because of the pain. To help your dog deal with the pain and get better, you need to use the best dog joint supplement.

The supplements will give the pet the boost it needs to get back to its feet. Well, many companies claim to make the best supplements. Nevertheless, not all of them might be ideal for your pet. It is why we want to check out the top five options to get right now as the best dog joint supplements.

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Top 5 Best Dog Joint Supplements

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Maxxipaws Dog Joint Supplement

Product Name: Maxxipaws Dog Joint Supplement

Product Description: The supplement is essential for supporting the bone health of your pet. This is because it will boost the absorption of the minerals important for keeping the bones healthy. It will also be great at reducing the swelling around the joints and muscles. As such, the supplement eliminates the discomfort that comes with joint pain. When the joints have been relieved from being swollen, then the dog can walk better. This supplement is also good for cartilage support. There are times cartilage can be damaged because of improper movement. Well, the supplement will remove the friction caused by cartilage damage and restore the cartilage to its previous healthy status. The tablets of the supplement are also flavored making them good for treats whenever necessary

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  • Ingredients
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Anyone who cares for their pet would want to get the best dog joint supplement. Well, this one stands out for its multiple benefits that it can offer to the dog. Many people like it for helping restore the bone health, improve cartilage support, and reduce swelling around the joints.


✔️It can work for multiple pets

✔️It is good for supporting bone health

✔️The supplement can be used as a treat


❌Turns to powder quickly when stored for longer

Runner’s Up

Gracie to the Rescue Joint Supplement with Hemp Oil

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The use of hemp seed oil in making the supplement improves its capabilities to another level. The oil is good in terms of Omega fatty acids. We all know that such nutrients are important in improving the bone structure.

When you use this supplement, it is going to increase joint mobility. If your dog had trouble moving around, that gets better after a few weeks. The same supplement is good for reducing inflammation too. Because of the friction around the joint, you are likely to find that the joints swell with time. You can now change all of that when you give the dog such supplements.

Other than giving the joints some relief, the supplement can also be great for the dog’s coat. This is because it can reduce shedding and itching. The many natural ingredients should make the supplement safe for your dog.

✔️It is delicious with the chicken flavor
✔️It helps increase joint mobility
✔️The supplement has multiple beneficial nutrients
❌It takes long before you can see results

PetHonesty Glucosamine for Dogs

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We had to include this among the best dog joint supplements because of the many benefits it has to offer. We found that the supplement is good at reducing the joint pain while at the same time improving mobility. This is because it has ingredients such as glucosamine, MSM, and many other powerful natural ingredients.

The high amounts of the active ingredients do a good job of reducing inflammation around the affected joints. After a couple of weeks, you should notice that the dog can walk better again than before. Also, in case there were swelling around the joints, they will be largely reduced.

The supplement comes with premium natural ingredients. You will not have to worry about sugar, wheat, corn, or GMOs. With the quality ingredients, the supplements will not negatively affect the dog’s health.

✔️The supplement reduces joint inflammation
✔️It comes with high quality natural ingredients
✔️The supplement is affordable
❌Some dog breeds do not like its taste

Zesty Paws Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs

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The best dog joint supplements need to have the best ingredients and that is what this one offers. It comes with several natural ingredients whose aim is to provide better health for the dog. Other than helping to boost the joint health, the same product is good for digestion too. After using it for a while, the dog’s immune support gets better.

If your dog has recently had trouble with its joints and hips, then the turmeric curcumin mix will be ideal for it. The supplement also has coconut oil. The coconut oil is essential for boosting the overall joint health and weight management.

This supplement comes from a top brand. With the many positive reviews about it, there is no doubt you will be comfortable getting it. The supplement is also affordable so that you have no excuse for not caring for the pet.

✔️The supplement is affordable
✔️It is good for joint and digestive health
✔️It comes with multiple natural ingredients
❌It takes longer to see results

POINTPET Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

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Old age can be tough on the dog. It is likely to face cases of joint problems such as arthritis. To make the pain go away, you should consider getting the best dog joint supplement such as this one. It will help with the dog’s mobility issues. Because it does have glucosamine chondroitin as the main ingredient, you should start to notice some positive changes in a few weeks of using the supplement.

Hemp oil is important too and can have multiple positive effects on the dog’s health. Luckily, the hemp oil has been infused into the supplement. The hemp oil will provide the dog with multiple nutrients such as fatty acids and digestible protein. The results are that the bone health gets better same as the cartilage surrounding the joints.

Being flavored makes them irresistible to dogs. There is no doubt you are going to find that the dogs can eat the supplements as treats too. The manufacturer has listed the recommended serving on the bottle depending on the dog’s weight.

✔️Good for the joint health
✔️The results are visible in a few weeks
✔️Has enough tablets to last several weeks
❌A few complaints about the supplement turning into dust

Causes of Dog Joint Problems

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Dog joint issues can be painful for the pet. Sometimes it is good to understand the causes of these problems so that you can take the necessary steps towards keeping your pet healthy once again. Below are some of the causes of dog joint problems.

  • When ligaments, tendons, or muscle diseases lead to tearing and rupture over time. Such might take some time before showing the symptoms, but when they happen, it can be painful for the dog to walk.
  • Fractures at the joint. If the dog had an accident that led to fractures at the joint, then it is important to look for a safer way to heal the fracture and joint.
  • Dogs that end up with congenital disorders such as luxated patella can also end up with dog joint problems.
  • Metabolic disorders that can lead to obesity. We all know that being overweight can also lead to cases of joint problems. Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise and the right amount of recommended food to avoid obesity.
  • Cancer can also affect the different body parts and some of them include the joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or Lyme disease can lead to cases of inflammation around the joints. This will make it hard for the dog to walk properly.

How to Care for a Dog with Joint Problems

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Caring for a dog with joint problems does not have to be hard. Below are some of the options you should keep in mind when caring for such a dog.

  • Monitor the dog’s weight

One of the factors that can lead to joint problems is obesity. For this reason, you need to watch its weight and ensure that the dog’s weight is within the healthy limit. Obesity can also occur if the dog does not exercise more often. Make time for your dog’s workout sessions. When you go to walk the dog, it also helps you to exercise.

  • Use the best dog joint supplements

Supplements such as those we have discussed in this guide can go a long way in boosting the health of the dog’s joints. The most common supplements will have glucosamine and chondroitin ingredients. Glucosamine is necessary for lubricating the joints to eliminate friction and further repair the damaged cartilage. The same ingredient is necessary for treating inflammation, thus reducing swelling and pain.

  • Assess the pet environment

Another thing to keep in mind should be the environment around the pet. This is because one of the things that can lead to joint problems is fractures. You should eliminate scenarios where the dog is likely to get injured. Consider using non-slip rugs and carpets to keep the pet from easily slipping and getting injured.

  • Visit the vet more often

It is always good to visit a vet more often to diagnose the dog of any joint problems. When the problem is caught early, the treatment can begin to prevent it from becoming a serious issue. Whenever you notice something is off with the dog such as it no longer wants to play, then it might have other underlying issues.

How to Choose the Best Dog Joint Supplements

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To pick the best dog joint supplement, you need to consider the ingredients that come in the supplement. Depending on the type of ingredients, they can affect the effectiveness of the supplement. Some of the top ingredients you should look for include chondroitin and glucosamine. These two are important when combined.

The glucosamine ingredient is known for helping to heal the joint while chondroitin will be great at improving elasticity and thickness of the joint cartilage. The result is that your dog’s joint can heal faster and get back to healthy once again.


There is no doubt that the best dog joint supplement also needs to be palatable. The last thing you want is to struggle administering the supplement to the dog. It is why you will find many brands offering these supplements in different flavors. The most common would be beef or chicken flavor as dogs love such flavors.

If you still find it hard to administer the chews directly, you need to consider incorporating the supplements in the food. The dog will easily eat the food without knowing about the supplement.

The Type of Supplement

Even the best dog joint supplements will be in different forms. Some of the common forms include liquids, tablets, dog chews, and tablets. It comes down to what you feel will be easier to administer to your dog. Most people like dog chews because they can then use the supplements as treats. You get to achieve a lot more with just one product.


It is important that you look at the safety of the product before buying. Look at the ingredients to see what you will be feeding the dog. Another thing to look at is the reviews. See how the product affected the other dogs before using it on your dog. If the product was safe for similar breeds, then you will have the confidence that it will also be great for your dog.


The best dog joint supplement is one that will improve the overall health of your dog’s joints with minimal effort. Some might take longer than others, but what is important is that it works. Depending on the type of supplement, some can have varied ingredients to help boost their performance. Always go for the top-rated brands as they can guarantee the best results. Choose any of the supplements we have mentioned above if you want your dog to get better fast.