12 Best Small Dogs for Cold Weather – Check These Breeds!

During the winter season, some dogs tend to bear the brunt of the cold temperature. Some have to be kept in a warm room to prevent hypothermia. So if you’re living in a cold area or a place that gets a lot of snow during winter, you have to be specific with the dog breed that you’re going to get. If you’re still scouting for a pooch, we recommend these 12 best small dogs for cold weather. Aside from enduring the chilly weather, they also suit small apartments and homes.

1.     Brussels Griffon

best small dogs for cold weather

At the top of our list is the Brussels Griffon. This German breed might be small, but they have an endless supply of energy to romp and goof around. However, you should note that this is a headstrong breed who will try to manipulate you to get their own way.

Moreover, Brussels Griffon is a unique breed, with some finding their ‘monkey face’ adorable. They also have an insatiable appetite for playtime and exercise.

The good thing about Brussels Griffon is that they do well on cold and hot climate, as long as they are kept inside. They also love being with their families and can endure the playful nature of kids.

Also, Brussels Griffon is intelligent but some factors, like their affinity to wandering, make training a bit difficult.

If you’re planning to take a Brussels Griffon outdoors during the winter season, put them on a canine jacket and keep the trip as short as possible.

2.     Australian Terrier

best small dogs for cold weather

Another small doggo that can endure the cold is the Australian Terrier. It’s also very tolerant of humid temperatures, making them a great pet across climates.

Moreover, Aussie Terriers can live in an apartment where they stay devoted to their families. However, for households with small kids, caution is needed as these doggos can get snappy if pinched and hugged too tightly.

Take note that some Australian Terriers tend to be Velcro dogs who will follow your around. Still, you can train them out of it with enough patience and mind-stimulating drills.

Another great thing about this breed is they shed and drool very little. This makes them very easy to groom, not to mention that they are hardy dogs that don’t get sick easily. Still, you should watch out for their weight as they can get obese if not portion-controlled.

3.     Cockapoo

best small dogs for cold weather

If you want an adorable doggo that can endure the snow, you’ll never go wrong with the Cockapoo. This pooch is a goofy clown, hypoallergenic pet, and a Velcro dog that will always long to be beside you. Take note that this isn’t a pure-bred dog, but a designer canine that dates back in the ‘60s.

The Cockapoo dog will shower you and your family with affection. They also love playing with kids but they make awful guard dogs as they welcome strangers. Still, they are one of the best small dogs for cold weather.

Another great thing about Cockapoos is the laidback nature that makes them a great choice for novice owners. They don’t mind living with other dogs, though training may prove to be more challenging than other breeds.

Still, you’ll have fun with Cockapoos. They love playtime, though they don’t require too much exercise. Their energy level is also manageable and you won’t worry about your toddler being around this doggo.

4.     Pekingese

best small dogs for cold weather

Pekingese dogs are unique due to their long and flowy hair. They used to be imperial companions in China and graces dog shows from time to time. Also, the Pekingese breed is the epitome of dignity and sophistication in the dog kingdom.

Thanks to their long and thick coats, they can endure cold weather. They can also thrive in an apartment under the care of newbie owners. They will be loyal and affectionate to their masters, but don’t expect them to get along with kids very well.

Also, you’d have to deal with intense shedding with the Pekingese breed. They are also not the easiest to groom so they suit households who can manage this demanding maintenance level.

Moreover, you shouldn’t underestimate the size of this dog as they have a strong prey drive, which can get in the way of training. Also, they are vocal canines with a tendency to mouth things.

5.     Jack Russell Terrier

best small dogs for cold weather

Another one of the best small dogs for cold weather in this list is the Jack Russell Terrier. This dog was first bred in England about 200 years ago as a hunting canine. Nowadays, this pooch is a lively and energetic companion with a headstrong personality.

Although short-coated, Jack Russell Terriers are made to endure the cold – all thanks to their experience as fox hunters.

Take note that this dog suits experienced owners and homes with fenced yards. Jack Russell Terrier dogs are balls of energy that like zooming and bolting around. And even if they are small, they need a lot of exercise and playtime to stay well-disciplined. Also, watch out since this dog can topple a toddler when it gets too excited with playtime.

Moreover, aspiring owners of the Jack Russell Terrier should know that this dog loves exploring around. They are also vocal canines with an affinity to chewing and chasing after moving objects.

6.     Pomeranian

Don’t let a Pomeranian fool you with its size and appearance. This foxy doggo has the energy to match a large canine. Poms often forget their size and think that they can do everything. They love agility drills and playtime.

Since Poms have a thick coat, they have a shield against the cold weather. However, their coats shed a lot, which will require additional attention.

As for their personality, Poms love their masters, but they aren’t the best fit for kids and multi-canine households. We recommend early socialization for Pom doggos so they will grow up as kind and disciplined pets.

Also, training a Pomeranian requires a lot of patience and consistency as they have a will of their own.

Still, if you’re a first-time dog owner living in an apartment, a Pom will be suitable for you. Besides, they don’t need intense exercise and their intensity is quite manageable.

7.     Tibetan Terrier

A small dog that can adapt to any home – Tibetan Terriers is surely a great choice for those who live in a cold area. This dog’s shaggy coat is both attractive and functional in keeping them warm. However, just like any long-haired dog, Tibetan Terriers need frequent grooming to prevent their coats from matting.

Moreover, this breed is a clingy and affectionate bunch. They will follow you around and whine when you leave them alone. They are also a great mix with kids and other dogs.

The good thing about the Tibetan Terrier dog is it sheds very little. So if your family has sensitivities, this breed might suit them well. Aside from that, this pooch has great health and not highly susceptible to major disorders.

Another thing that you have to know before getting a Tibetan Terrier is their rambunctious energy level. They love playing and they can get intense during playtime.

8.     Boston Terrier

Another terrier in the list is the so-called “American Gentleman” or Boston Terrier. This dog has a tuxedo-like coat color; thus their nickname. Although they have a thin coat, their stocky bodies allow them to endure low temperatures.

The good thing about Boston Terriers is their affection to their families. They welcome strangers, kids, and other dogs, making them a lousy watchdog. Still, these pooches are highly adaptable and can thrive in the care of a first-time owner in a small house.

For busy homes, Boston Terriers are a perfect fit. They have easy-to-care coats and they can also tolerate being alone for a few hours. However, you have to be careful with this dog’s diet as it has a hefty appetite, which makes them prone to obesity.

Take note that you should lock your doors and windows when leaving this dog at home. Boston Terriers are wanderers and they can get lost easily around the neighborhood.

9.     Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers are amusing companions for those who want a lively and yappy doggo. These pooches were bred for mousing, though they soon hunted foxes to keep their masters’ farms safe. Also, this breed can endure both cold and hot weather, which makes them a flexible choice for a pet.

Nowadays, Norwich Terriers are affectionate canines who will shower everyone with love. This dog is social and doesn’t mind being with a crowd and other dogs.

Also, they are adaptable and can live in an apartment despite their prey drive. Just beware because their hunting instincts can kick in and cause them to wander off. And like any herding canines, Norwich Terriers barks a lot and tends to nip on things.

Overall, they are highly trainable and you can fix any behavioral problem with enough patience. Just watch out for their massive appetite as they can grow obese. Still, they are one of the best small dogs for cold weather.

10.  Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz is another perky dog that will surely keep you on your toes. They look like small Samoyeds, though they hail from a different lineage. This spitz can endure the cold weather, not to mention that they are low-maintenance.

This highly adaptable breed can live in almost any household setting. They are also affectionate pets that can get very protective of their families. This is why they may react harshly in the presence of a stranger. Expect loud barking, which will surprise you of how loud it can be.

When it comes to their energy level, Japanese Spitz dogs are manageable. They love playing, but they don’t need too much exercise.

 Also, Japanese Spitz is an intelligent canine, though patience is needed during training. The biggest consolation here is that this breed isn’t a wanderer and they have a very low prey drive.

11.  Lhasa Apso

Bred to guard the temple of Tibet, Lhasa Apso dogs are independent and brave pets. And since they were bred in mountainous homelands, it’s no surprise that they can tolerate cold weather.

Lhasa Apso dogs are outdoor canines, but they can adjust in apartment living. They also suit first-time owners and households with kids. However, since they are guard dogs, this breed will make strangers feel unwelcome.

Just take note that Lhasa Apso dogs don’t always thrive with other canines. So if you’re planning to raise this pooch in a multi-canine household, early socialization and training are necessary.

 When training, patience is needed as Lhasa Apso dogs are willful and will try to impose their own way. They also love playing and chasing moving objects, which may divide their attention between commands. Lhasa Apso dogs are notorious barkers so make sure that you can deal with this personality.

12.  West Highland Terrier

The last doggo to make our list of the best small dogs for cold weather is the West Highland Terrier. This dog is confident and will always try to do things their way. Still, if raised well, they will be goofy and lively canines that will be a joy to have.

Although small, the Westie is packed with energy for playtime and exercise. They are also intense dogs that can get really ruff while playing. Aside from that, they love exploring around, barking on things, and chasing moving objects.

Never consider a West Highland Terrier dog as a lapdog. They always love to be on the move even on cold days.

Still, the good thing here is that Westies are total sweethearts. Sometimes, they also love cuddling with their owners and they get along with kids really well. Still, they are a little aloof with strangers.

Final words

The best small dogs for cold weather are just some of the great pets you can get if you live in a chilly place. Also, these pooches can endure the freezing conditions of winter seasons. Despite that, proper care is needed during the snowy season so your dog won’t be exposed to any harm. Do you have anything else to add here? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!