15 Best Toys for German Shepherds (2023)

German Shepherds are an amazing dog breed, known for their loyalty, strength, and their ability to be pampered house pets as well as well-trained working dogs.

Anyone who has ever owned a German Shepherd will know how playful the breed can be, whether they are pups or elders. Due to their large size – even as puppies- it can be difficult to find a toy that will last when it comes to German Shepherds.

A good deal of the standard dog toys will not last even a day with a particularly playful German Shepherd, and it can be a frustrating situation to see a toy you have only just purchased completely destroyed within an hour or so of letting your pooch play with it.

On top of that, German Shepherds are a highly intelligent dog breed that requires stimulation, so interactive toys that can get your dog thinking can be an excellent choice for them.

Another important factor for dog toys is safety and for a larger dog that can easily rip and tear dangerous, swallowable parts of a toy off with ease, this is an even more essential element to consider

You no longer have to worry about wasting your money on dog toys that can be ripped to pieces on the same day that you bought them thanks to your chewing obsessed German Shepherd, nor do you have to worry about your dog getting bored and abandoning their toys within minutes as we have the solution!

There are plenty of heavy-duty, extra durable toys that can keep a German Shepherd entertained for hours on end without the risk of being rendered unusable.

There is also a wide range of fun, interactive and safe toys available for larger dog breeds too, and we are going to be running through the best of these toys in this handy guide! 

Hard Chew Toys

Hard chew toys are a must-have for those who know that their German Shepherd is an aggressive chewer.

They tend to be made of thick and durable material that can withstand the strength of their bites whilst also being entertaining for them, so let’s take a look at some of the best hard chew toys for bigger breeds like German Shepherds. 

Apasiri Durable Squeaky Dog Toys

Apasiri Tough Dog Toys for Large Breed, Squeaky Dog Toys Ball, Chew Toys for Large Dogs, Puppy Teething Toys, Durable Indestructible Pet Toys for Medium Big Dogs Blue

Apasiri has a whole range of squeaky toys that are aimed at dogs who are either aggressive chewers or that have a large bite, such as German Shepherds.

Aspasiri claims that their toys have had over a thousand resistance bite tests (that is a LOT of biting!), which is pretty impressive! 

Their squeaky toys add an extra element of interactivity, thanks to the built-in squeakers, which are sure to keep your dog excited.

These toys are designed for dogs that weigh between around fifteen to eighty pounds, including the largest, heaviest, and strongest breeds like German Shepherds.

Their toys are also made to encourage clean teeth in dogs, thanks to the rubber tooth cleaning design that aids in the removal of dental tartar and plaque.

Not only that, but the Apasiri toys also come in beef flavors and scents, making them even more enticing for your dogs!


  • Designed for larger dogs with heavier bites, such as German Shepherds. 
  • Made with thick and durable rubber.
  • Encourages dental hygiene in dogs. 
  • Beef scent and flavor will keep dogs entertained for longer. 
  • The squeaker makes the toy more interesting for dogs. 


  • Due to the heavy nature of the toy, it wouldn’t be suitable as a toy to be thrown, especially if you have other, smaller dogs around that could get hit with it. 

Apasiri Tough Dog Toys for Large Breed, Squeaky Dog Toys Ball, Chew Toys for Large Dogs, Puppy Teething Toys, Durable Indestructible Pet Toys for Medium Big Dogs Blue
  • Dog Chew Toys: Made of durable rubber which is chew-proof, soft, and elastic. Specially designed for strong, large, heavy-duty, aggressive chewers, tough dog toys. Indestructible dog toys. Chewing toys for dogs. Puppy chew toys. Keep the dog happy.
  • Squeaky Dog Toys: Dog squeak toy helps to satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and release extra energy. Dog squeaker toys attract the dog's attention, and irregular jumps and rolls add to the fun, encourage hunt, and play behavior. Blue dog toys can attract the dog's attention, fun dog toys.
  • Dog Toys With Beef Flavor: The soft and aggressive dog toy ball use only real food ingredients for flavor and scent. This beef flavor doggy chew satisfies your dog’s chewing instincts. You can also spread some peanut butter or beef sauce on it to better increase chewing interest.
  • Interactive Dog Toys for Boredom: This dog toy is an interactive dog toy for fetch and retrieves games. rubber with beef flavor can greatly excite your pet and extend the playing time. It will do a lot of help to release the dog's pressure and boredom, cultivate your dog's trust and understanding, and reduce destructive behavior.
  • Best Dog Toys Satisfaction Guarantee: Dogs are sometimes unpredictable. This dog chew toy has been tested by German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers, and many other power chewers countless times, but except for aggressive Pitbulls. Holiday dog toys. If there is any quality problem with the product, please contact us and we will be happy to replace or refund you.

MIDOG Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

MIDOG Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys, Dog Toys for Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Durable Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Tough Dog Chew Toy for Medium Small Dogs German Shepherd Toys Rubber Bird Dog Toy

Another durable option for German Shepherds that have a habit of chewing incessantly, the MIDOG chew toy has a cute, shark/fish-like design, with the main rubber part of the toy acting as the body and the rope element acting as the tail.

On top of the adorable design, this particular brand of dog toy has all the signature staples that durable dog toys intended for hard chewers tend to have, such as being beneficial to dog dental hygiene (thanks to the scaly surface of the rubber), and a squeaker to keep dogs entertained.

This toy also uses crinkle paper on the rope tail, which is another attractive feature for dogs but particularly puppies!

It also features that handy beef flavoring that keeps dogs of all kinds enticed for hours. 


  • Made from durable and all-natural rubber.
  • Interesting design.
  • Encourages dental hygiene. 
  • The crinkle paper used for the tail will attract both German Shepherd dogs and puppies. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Beef flavoring.


  • Although the rubber element of the toy is very durable, the rope tail is likely not as strong and could get damaged by aggressive chewers or excitable puppies. 

MIDOG Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys, Dog Toys for Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Durable Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Tough Dog Chew Toy for Medium Small Dogs German Shepherd Toys Rubber Bird Dog Toy
  • 🐡【Food grade rubber dog toy.】MIDOG dog toys for boredom Made of absolutely safe natural rubber. Its flexibility and bite resistance have been greatly improved. Long-lasting support for large or heavy chewers. chewy dog toys are extremely important for puppies and help them to vent their energy, so safe puppy chew toys are indispensable. MIDO large dog toys are suitable for pitbull toys, border collie toys, golden retriever toys.
  • 🐡【Are you suffering from how dog teeth cleaning?】 Our super dog chew toys can help you solve this problem, The bumps and grooves on the surface of the dog teeth cleaning toy can clean the dog's teeth when the dog chews the toy. Our indestructible dog toys for large dogs can withstand the destruction of a super chewer. There is nothing more proud of your dog than healthy teeth. If you smeared the dog toys for medium dogs with peanut butter, puppy and medium breed will love it.
  • 🐡【Who would refuse squeaky dog toys?】 Dogs are interested in squeaky pet toys, and a squeaky dog chew toys will make the dog even more excited. Will make your dog love our toys. This is not only a squeaky dog toy, but also a crinkle dog toy. The plush tail has inner crinkle paper, which can make sounds and is especially suitable as small dog toys or puppy toys. Our dog toys become your dog's favorite pet toy! Let your dog bite, chew, chase,pull and enjoy the funny dog toys.
  • 🐡【Almost indestructible dog squeaky toys.】 Our heavy duty dog toy are almost indestructible dog toys. We've done a lot of tests on our durable dog toys, and the results show that most dogs can't destroy the tough chew toys for dogs in a short time. This dog chew toy will accompany your dog for a long time. These are indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers. If you are looking for heavy chew toys for aggressive chewers large breed, the strong dog toy swill satisfied you.
  • 🐡【Upgrade unique dog chew toys bring different fun to dogs.】 You must have never seen a squeaky puffer fish. It makes a squeaking sound by chewing on the built-in whistle, which is more interesting than ordinary chewing toys. The crinkle paper on the tail of the dog crinkle toy are also a source of fun. There is also a unique beef flavor that makes dogs fall in love with cleaning his teeth. Such a cute dog toy has an irresistible attraction to all dogs.

Doudele Tough Dog Chew with Spring Texture Pattern

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Tough Dog Chew Toys for Large Medium Dogs Breed Natural Rubber Spring Texture Pattern

This brand of durable dog toy would also be perfect for a German Shepherd as it has all the necessary elements to make these kinds of toys work, such as interactivity and being able to aid with healthy teeth thanks to its natural, non-toxic rubber, but it isn’t quite as large as some of the other options here – weighing 1.1 pounds – making it a great option for German Shepherd puppies.

Much like the other hard rubber toys, this one is also beef flavored and is created from 100% natural ingredients.

The spring texture pattern further emphasizes the dental hygiene aspect of the toy too, making for a highly versatile dog toy that is great for German Shepherds of all ages. 


  • Strong rubber material.
  • Beef flavoring.
  • Spring texture pattern to increase the dental hygiene of your dog. 
  • Lightweight in comparison to some stronger chew toys. 
  • Excellent for teething puppies.


  • The smaller size of the toy could make it more susceptible to damage from larger German Shepherds. 

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Tough Dog Chew Toys for Large Medium Dogs Breed Natural Rubber Spring Texture Pattern
  • 【Large Size Bone】Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed regarding the size and design, it is suitable for large big dog playing and chewing. This toy weighs 1.1 pounds and its size which is similar with a small arm. Excellent quality and reasonable price.
  • 【Beef Flavor】Aggressive Chewers Dog Toys for Large Dogs use only 100% real food ingredients for flavor and scent. This beef flavor attracts dogs to chew the toy repeatedly and keep them playing all the time.
  • 【Durable Dog Chew Toy 】Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers is no toy can be 100% indestructible, but this item large chewing bone teething toy is very durable and tough for use, made of natural rubber materials, no matter medium dogs or large aggressive chewer dogs this toy will be the best gift for them, bite resistant for long time playing.
  • 【Unique Design】Chew Toys for Dogs doing a research of the large and aggressive chewers,we designed this toy, no matter the spring texture on the body of the bone or the raised dots at the top of the bone which can be massaged and cleaning dogs’ teeth. Product Size: Length 9.09 Inches, Width 3.85 inches, Height 2.75 Inches, Weight 492g.
  • 【100% Refund and Exchange Goods 】We will try hard to provide the best services for our customers, if you are not satisfied with our toys or need to exchange the goods please contact us for quick after-sale services.

Feeko Large Indestructible Dog Toys

Feeko Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed 15 inch Interactive Dog Toy Large Long Lasting Dog Toys with Convex Design Natural Rubber Tug-of-war Toy for Medium Large Dogs Tooth Clean(Red)

Feeko argues that their chew toys are indestructible, and they certainly look the part when it comes to a durable and strong chew toy that would be perfect for a German Shepherd.

Their large bone-shaped chew toys come in several colors – including blue, red, green, and orange- and they are designed to reduce destructive chewing as well as lower your pet’s boredom.

As we said, German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent animals, which makes them particularly susceptible when it comes to boredom!

This is a huge, thick dog toy and one that has been designed to withstand bites and chewing from even the most aggressive chewers.

The thinnest part of the toy is still two inches thick, and the toy as a whole is made from high-density, natural rubber.

The toy features a smell of beef and a layered texture with nubs to effectively clean and massage your dog’s teeth whilst preventing the growth of plaque and controlling tartar, as well as promoting a strong and healthy jaw.

This chew toy is a pretty sizeable one too – making it a great option for the large jaws of a German Shepherd – measuring at fifteen inches long and weighing two pounds.

A German Shepherd is one of the breeds that Feeko states have tested the bone chew toy- as well as Golden Retrievers Siberian Huskies and more – so this is certainly an option to consider if your dog goes through chew toys at an alarming rate!


  • The innovative, bone-like design and shape make the toy great for games like tug of war. 
  • Natural, non-toxic rubber makes the toy strong and durable
  • Layered texture and nubs aid with your dog’s dental hygiene. 
  • Tested on various breeds, including German Shepherds. 
  • Great for teething pups.
  • Promotes the reduction of destructive behavior and anxiety


  • The nubs on the toy are a great way to encourage dental health, but if your dog chews at them specifically, they might be able to chew them off.

Feeko Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed 15 inch Interactive Dog Toy Large Long Lasting Dog Toys with Convex Design Natural Rubber Tug-of-war Toy for Medium Large Dogs Tooth Clean(Red)
  • Help Your Dogs - The Large dog bone toy helps ‘Meet The Instinct Needs’ of dogs and releases their extra energy by chewing and playing. This toy helps them develop healthy chewing habits and can ‘Clean Their Teeth, Relieve Anxiety, Train, And Also Can Reduce Dogs Boredom, Barking Problems’.
  • Safe Natural Rubber & Durable - We pay special attention to the health of your dogs. Our dog toys are made of ‘100% Natural Rubber, Which Is Hard, Flexible, And Non-Toxic’. The toy's beef smell will attract the attention of dogs and make them chew, which can effectively clean teeth and maintain oral hygiene.
  • Innovative Shape Design - A Large bone chew toy with a 15-Inch Length and 2 Lbs Weight. Its shape uses the dog’s chewing habits and is designed using mechanics and engineering principles. So it is durable, and great for tug-of-war and tooth teething.
  • Nearly Indestructible - The Large bone toy has passed countless times tested by German Shepherd, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Rab Rado, Golden Retriever, and many other powered chewers. Even though dogs ‘like’ it, it's still hard to destroy.
  • Vet Recommended: Although the dog toys are durable, there are no toys that are indestructible, proper supervision is also advised. If you have any issues, our team will help you solve your problem in 24 hours.

M.C.Works Dragon Egg Dog Toy for Heavy Chewers

M.C.works Dragon Egg Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers Large Breeds, Indestructible Dog Toys Tough Dog Toys for Medium Large Dogs, Puppy Pet Toys 900 Lbs Pull Tension

The M.C. Works dog toys are another brand intended for heavy chewers, but this particular toy also has a fantastically creative and clever design as it has been made to look like a dragon egg.

Your dog might not be able to appreciate a cool and intelligent dog toy design like this, but you certainly can!

The “scales” of the egg work to keep your dog’s teeth healthy whilst offering a strong pattern that isn’t going to be ripped open immediately.

These toys are a great way to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated, with the tougher toys like this one also able to withstand the strong teeth and jaws of a German Shepherd.

This particular toy is made from all-natural rubber with a unique formula that increases the durability and the elasticity of the toy, making it a great option for big dogs.

It has a bacon flavor too, which is an added incentive! You can also challenge your dog to find treats that you can stash inside the dragon egg.

The egg is hollow with an opening at the bottom that treats can easily be slipped into, but can’t so easily be taken out of without some real effort put in by your dog.

This gives your German Shepherd some mental stimulation whilst also being a physically tough toy that they aren’t going to easily tear apart. 


  • Doubles as a treat puzzle toy to challenge your dog both physically and mentally.
  • A unique bacon scent. 
  • A dragon egg design that weaves dental hygiene into the toy creatively and cleverly.
  • Made with raw materials and all-natural rubber.


  • It does not have a squeaker, which could be a selling point for owners who know that their dogs are more responsive to squeaky toys. 

Also available on eBay. 

M.C.works Dragon Egg Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers Large Breeds, Indestructible Dog Toys Tough Dog Toys for Medium Large Dogs, Puppy Pet Toys 900 Lbs Pull Tension
  • 【NEWEST DRAGON EGG DOG TOY】:Unique DRAGON EGG shape with stuffable hollow and seductive flavor, chew toy's realistic texture and outshape patented design idea is inspired by《Game Of Thrones》. This Dragon Egg Chew toy is tough enough and can fit for most aggressive chewers.
  • 【MOST AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS APPROVED】:Dragon egg dog chew toy is qualified with power tension test, able to sustain with 900 lb of machine pull, industrial-grade processing guarantee its high durability, approved by many aggressive chewers like German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Alaska, Golden Retriever, American Foxhound, Mastiffs Direwolf Northern Inuit etc. No toy is truly indestructible, while this one comes very close.
  • 【SAFETY&HIGHLY BITE-RESISTANT】: Natural&safe non-toxic rubber material weigh up to 220g, tough&strong enough for small medium dogs or large breeds and heavy aggresive chewers, Made from the toughest, industrial-strength rubber; solid, shock-absorbing design, highly bite resistant.
  • 【MULTIPURPLES DOG TOYS】: This ultra durable dog toy can fully satisfy dog’s chewing instinct especially in their teething grinding period, fashionable shape with special flavor helps to release energy, alleviate the mood of anxiety and boring, hollow design also make sure you can use it as a IQ treat training toys or food dispensing toy, even a interactive dog toy to play fetch games.
  • 【MORE WE CAN OFFER】:Feel free to put it to test, If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us, we will get back to you very soon once message received.

Palmula Dog Toy For Energetic Dogs

Pelwope Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Durable Dog Chew Toys for Small Meduium Large Dogs Breed, Super Chewer Dog Toys for Boredom and Stimulating - Orange

Similar to the other bone-shaped chew toy we talked about, the Palmula dog toy is another fantastic option for large dogs – like German Shepherds-who are chewers.

This large bone chew toy – available in green or orange – is made from non-toxic, thermal plastic rubber, which allows for a higher level of tenacity as well as a longer-lasting toy.

Much like the other toys of this nature, it features a raised, textured surface that will keep your dog’s teeth clean as they chew.

The bone shape has handles on each end, allowing for tug of war to be played super easily with both humans and fellow dogs!

At 13 inches long, this is a relatively well-sized dog toy as well that German Shepherds are sure to enjoy. 


  • Flexible thermal plastic material.
  • Multiple colors are available.
  • Great for playing tug of war.
  • Aids with healthy teeth.
  • Durable and thick.


  • Much like the other toys that we have talked about with nubs and bumps, if you have a particularly dexterous German Shepherd, they may be able to tear these parts off of the toy. 

Pelwope Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Durable Dog Chew Toys for Small Meduium Large Dogs Breed, Super Chewer Dog Toys for Boredom and Stimulating - Orange
  • 【Accompany & Anxiety Relief】Interactive dog toys let your dog far away form loneliness and help your dogs relieve anxiety and loneliness, boredom and destructive behavior.This aggressive chewers dog toys for large dogs can accompany your dogs very well.
  • 【High-quality Material】Dog chew toys for aggressive chewers are made of non-toxic therm-plastic-rubber with high tenacity and anti aging ability. Indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers are durable and strong enough for dogs to chew and bite.
  • 【Cleaning Teeth】There are full of bulges on the surface of this tough dog toy which will enhance the friction between the dog chew toys and dog’s teeth,so puppy toys will clean the dog’s teeth when they chewing.Durable dog toys for aggressive chewers are very easy to clean.
  • 【Tug of War Handles】There are handles on the both side of the outdoor dog toys for human to catch and plying with dogs .Heavy duty chew toys for dogs will enhance interaction of owner and dogs.
  • 【Perfect Chew Toys for Big Dogs】Dog toys for large dogs aggressive chewers are suitable for those dogs who are changing teeth or vigorous dogs to divert their energies. The length of this tough dog toys for aggressive chewers large breed is 13 inch. This chew proof dog toy is enough for large dogs.

Fayogoo Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy

FAYOGOO Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed, Lifetime Replacement, Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for Large Medium Small Dogs, Interactive Dog Toys, Tough Dog Toys

These chew toys come in a wide array of shapes in sizes, including toys shaped like dinosaurs.

Their grenade-shaped chew toy is a popular choice, just make sure you let the neighbors know that it is only a toy to avoid a national incident!

These toys are made of highly tear-resistant materials that allow for them to be gnawed on for hours at a time without even a scratch.

Tested on a variety of large dogs that can be aggressive chewers – including German Shepherds – this chew toy is comfortable for your dog’s mouth despite its strength.

The toy also features holes in both the bottom and the top of the grenade shape.

The bottom hole can be used to place treats in for your dog to try and get out, whilst the top hole can be used to attach a rope to and use as a different kind of toy.

It also has the same teeth strengthening traits that a lot of the durable chew toys for dogs have.


  • Incredibly durable and strong.
  • A creative design.
  • Can be used to hide treats.
  • It can be made into a DIY toy by adding a rope into the top hole. 
  • Great for dog dental hygiene.


  • Due to the big, bulky, and hard nature of the toy, you will need to be careful when throwing it to avoid causing your dog (or any onlookers!) an injury. 

Also available on eBay.

FAYOGOO Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed, Lifetime Replacement, Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for Large Medium Small Dogs, Interactive Dog Toys, Tough Dog Toys
  • ☮Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers: With newly upgraded materials and manufacturing technology, the tear resistance strength of our dog toys is increased by 40%. It was tested by aggressive chewers, such as German Shepherd, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Stafford Shire, Alaska, Golden Retriever, Labrador, American Foxhound, etc. It's nearly indestructible.
  • ☮Great Dog Christmas Gifts: Our tough dog toys are made of 100% natural rubber, can bear constant chewing and eliminate dogs' anxiety and boredom, bring endless happiness to make your dog jump for joy. It's the perfect toy gifts for your dogs.
  • ☮Perfect Size for Large Medium Small Dogs: Length-3.0 inch, height-4.2 inch. The dogs will be more comfortable when bitting our durable dog toys in their mouths, there is no feeling of that mouths are propped. Perfect for small, medium, large dogs.
  • ☮The Happy Source of Dogs: Not only keep dogs teeth healthy and oral fresh with putting dog toothpaste, but also give your dogs a reward with some dog food (dried beef, peanut butter, etc). Our dog toys also can be used as interactive toys and chew toys. Throw the toy and let your dogs retrieve it and play tug of war with your dogs by adding the DIY rope.
  • ☮Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: We promise to provide free replacement service or refund, if you have any issues about our christmas dog toys, please feel free to reach out to us, we will get back to you soon once message received.

Hswaye Dental Dog Chew Toy

Hswaye Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,Food Grade Non-Toxic Dental Pet Toy,Tough Durable Indestructible Dog Toys for Medium Large Dogs.Black.

The Hswaye chew toy is another excellent option for big dogs who like to chew.

The toy is made from environmentally friendly rubber and made to look like a dumbbell, allowing for dogs to easily carry it or play fetch.

The 3D particle dumbbell design also features hollow ends on each side to sneak in some treats to keep your dog entertained for even longer.

The textured surface also encourages plaque and tartar reduction as well as fresh breath whilst stimulating the gums.

The grooved surface of the toy also makes it much easier if you want to apply some form of food product with a paste-like consistency- such as peanut butter- to give your dog an extra incentive to keep playing. 


  • Strong and durable.
  • Able to fit treats into either end.
  • Dumbbell shape allows for easy carrying and playing.
  • Encourages dental hygiene for dogs.


  • This is another somewhat heavy toy that is best to avoid throwing. 

Hswaye Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,Food Grade Non-Toxic Dental Pet Toy,Tough Durable Indestructible Dog Toys for Medium Large Dogs.Black.
  • 🐶Safe&High Durability:This is made by natural environmentally rubber and produce with exclusive industrial technic, this dumbbell can sustain with 550 lb of machine pull, durability has approved by Alaskan golden retriever, German shepherd, Labrador and many other aggressive large chewer dogs
  • 🐶Unique dumbbell design: Both ends of dumbbell adopting 3D particles design,Hollow ends allow you to put treats like peanut butter, snacks into it to arounse dog's interests, besides, the dumbbell add with bacon flavor,which is better to attract the attention of your dog
  • 🐶Multiple benefits;3D particles on the surface of dumbbell could freshen breath, stimulate gums and reduce plaque and tartar, to promote healthy teeth
  • 🐶Interactive toys :Using this interactive dog toys to release anxious& longly mood while your dog is bored and prevent funiture or sofa from damaging, besides, take this pet toy to play throw&fetch games and train your dog's jumping reaction ability.
  • 🐶If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us, we will get back to you very soon once message received!!!

Bone Toys

We all know the stereotype of dogs loving bones, and this is a tradition that has always been reflected in both dog toys and dog treats.

Bone-like dog toys are something of a combination of both treat and toy, usually made from nylon and having different flavors.

They can make great toys for large breeds like German Shepherds as they tend to be tough and durable as well as tasty. 

Pet Qwerks Zombie Nylon BarkBone

Pet Qwerks Zombie BarkBone - Nylon Dog Bone for Moderate Chewers - Bacon Flavor - 4'

Acting both as a chew toy and a tasty treat, this nylon toy has a long-lasting chew designed to maintain its integrity with aggressive and strong chewers.

This bone comes in two delicious flavors – real bacon and cheddar cheese – which are sure to be irresistible to any dog, no matter what their breed!

This bone toy is engineered specifically for dogs who chew a lot and is intended to last for many hours at a time.

It is made with premium ingredients- such as premium nylon and food-grade, allergen-free flavorings that have no artificial preservatives whatsoever – so that you can be sure that your dog will stay completely safe and healthy whilst enjoying it.

The bone might create some small, rice size bits of nylon if chewed significantly, but these are completely fine if swallowed as they can be passed easily.

The Zombie Nylon BarkBone is available in four different sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large-, with sizes that would be suitable for adult German Shepherds and puppies. 


  • Two different flavors that are made up of tastes that dogs love (cheese and bacon!)
  • Four different sizes, with sizes suitable for both puppies and adult German Shepherds. 
  • Heavy and durable.
  • No artificial flavorings or preservatives


  • Can sometimes create small nylon granules when chewed at incessantly, but these can easily be cleaned and if swallowed, they pose no danger to your dog. 

Also available on eBay.

Pet Qwerks Zombie BarkBone - Nylon Dog Bone for Moderate Chewers - Bacon Flavor - 4"
  • BarkBone Nylon Zombie Dog Bones have a unique design with rounded ends and a full middle, making it easy for your dog to pick up and hold.
  • Delicious bacon flavor infused to the core of every bone, releasing long lasting flavor & scent as your dog chews.
  • Made with premium artisan nylon, these dog bones work best for determined & aggressive chewers. Pet Qwerk BarkBone chewing style varies by material, for moderate chewers look for BarkBones made of Wood.
  • Keep your pup's mind and body occupied with this delicious dog chew toy, helping curb destructive behavior while reducing stress & anxiety.
  • The unique shape of the Zombie BarkBone helps your pet scrape plaque and tartar off their teeth, promoting healthy dental hygiene.

Benebone Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

This wishbone-shaped nylon bone chew toy is an eye-catching and highly effective toy that can easily be used by any breed of dog thanks to the wide range of sizes that it comes in.

The wishbone comes in three flavors- real bacon, real peanut, and real chicken- and four sizes-small, medium, large and giant- making for a versatile treat that would be perfect for all breeds of dogs as well as a German Shepherd.

These wishbone bones are also made to last for weeks- with a focus on durability-, being even tougher than a real bone.

It is also easy for your canine companion to chew on, as it is designed with a curve to make it especially easy for dogs to grip with their paws. 


  • Durable and strong for chewers.
  • Comes in three different, appealing flavors for dogs
  • Available in four different sizes, including giant which would be brilliant for a German Shepherd. 
  • Specifically designed for dogs to grip with ease.


  • No versatility in terms of different ways to play with your dog. 

Also available on Benebone.com and eBay.

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium
  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING – Super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks.
  • REAL BACON! – We use only 100% REAL BACON for flavor. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference.
  • EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW – The Wishbone is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. Think about it: dogs don’t
  • USA MADE – We make and source everything in the USA.
  • HAPPINESS, GUARANTEED – Have an issue? Want to chat? Reach out to us directly and you’ll get a real person whose sole job is to make you and your pup happy.

Nylabone Power Wishbone Chew Toy

Nylon bones are a fantastic option when it comes to chewing toys for larger dogs, and this option from Nylabone is another choice that could easily be used by a German Shepherd thanks to the different sizes that it is available in.

Nylabone offers tons of different packs of their wishbone-shaped chew bone – including Adult Dog Ergonomic, Adult Dog Original, Puppy Blue Original, and Puppy Pink Original- as well as three different flavors – original, chicken, and bison – with the option of getting a variety flavor pack too.

The sizes are diverse enough to cater for German Shepherds, with a choice of large (giant, weighing fifty pounds), extra-large (souper, weighting over fifty pounds), and even extra, extra-large (monster, weighing way over fifty pounds).

The durable nylon makes for a long-lasting bone chew that discourages any destructive chewing, whilst also promoting dental hygiene with its nubs and ridges. 


  • Very versatile in terms of different sizes and flavors.
  • Durable nylon material. 
  • Promotes canine dental hygiene.
  • Various options for different packs. 


  • Much like the other bones, we have talked about, there isn’t much play involved with nylon bones. They are mostly just for chewing, so they aren’t a particularly fun toy in that aspect. 

Available on Nylabone.com and eBay.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are always an excellent choice of toy for dogs, even for bigger breeds, as the ropes tend to be woven in a way that allows the toy to maintain integrity even when chewed at our played with roughly. 

SHARLOVY XL Dog Chew Ball Toys

XL Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Dog Balls for Large Dogs, Heavy Duty Dog Toys with Tough Twisted, Dental Cotton Dog Rope Toy for Medium Dogs, 6 Pack Indestructible Puppy Teething Chew Toy

Woven balls are a great toy for dogs with a tendency to chew through toys easily, and these particular extra-large rope ball toys are no exception.

These rope balls are designed to be durable for heavy chewers thanks to the tightly woven cotton ropes from which it is made, held together in a super strong and tough twist.

The largest available rope ball in this series would be perfect for a German Shepherd, as it is knotted with larger and wider ropes to create a sturdier ball.

These rope balls are suitable for medium to large-sized dogs, with a weight ranging from around thirty to eighty pounds, including German Shepherds.

As well as being strong and durable, these rope balls are also healthy for your dog’s teeth thanks to the high-quality cotton from which they are made.

They contain no chemical elements that could be harmful to dog fur, nor do they have any plastic pieces.

The fibers of the cotton can gently massage and subtly clean dog teeth, too, which is always a bonus incentive with these kinds of toys.

These rope balls are also an incredibly versatile toy to keep a German Shepherd entertained, as there is a myriad of games that can be played with them, from fetch to obedience training. 


  • Strong thanks to the thick and woven cotton rope. 
  • A softer way to aid with your dog’s dental hygiene
  • Multipurpose thanks to the rope toys being balls
  • No chemicals.
  • No plastic.


  • Whilst the rope might be strong and woven tightly, there is still a possibility of it unraveling if pulled at hard enough. 

XL Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Dog Balls for Large Dogs, Heavy Duty Dog Toys with Tough Twisted, Dental Cotton Dog Rope Toy for Medium Dogs, 6 Pack Indestructible Puppy Teething Chew Toy
  • DOG BALLS CHEW TOYS FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWER: The durable dog toys are tightly woven by strong cotton ropes and hold itself together with tough twist, develop dog toy ball into aggressive dog chew balls for medium to large dogs. With deep texture make them chewy than smooth surface, let dogs enjoy the pleasure of chasing and running, also meet their internal desire to chew. Perfect dog toys for aggressive chewers large breed to help them expend their excess energy instead of destroy your property
  • XLARGE DOG BALLS FOR LARGE DOGS: Large breeds need stronger dog toys, the bigger rope ball dog toy knots with wider and more strands make large dog balls for aggressive chewers sturdy at chewing resistance and last longer than tennis balls for dogs, it is suitable dog toys for medium dogs and large dogs ranging from 30-85lbs, such as Pitbulls toys, German Shepherds toys, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers. Also perfect as puppy chew toys for teething at their puppy stage
  • SAFE DOG TOYS FOR ORAL HEALTH: Rope dog toys are made of high quality cotton rope without plastic or chemicals pieces that might harm our fur friend. Dog toys for aggressive chewers large breed feature with thousand of fibers that can gently clean dog’s teeth and massages gums, leaving fresh breath and sparkle teeth as they play with the heavy duty dog toys for large dogs. Also great dog throw toys for ball thrower for dogs
  • DOG INTERACTIVE TOYS & VALUE 6 PACKS BALLS FOR DOGS: Play balls can improve the dog's agility with irregular movement curve, the indestructible dog ball allows dog and owner to explore more play ways almost anywhere, like running, fetching and training for indoor playtime or as outdoor dog toys set for backyard games. 6 packs best dog toys to keep them busy and entertain dog months long with exercise physical and mental health as well, make boredom and separation anxiety be an issue of the past
  • BEST DOG GIFTS FOR LARGE DOGS & GUARANTEE: The dog balls for large dogs aggressive chewers are perfect as herding ball for dogs, pitbull gifts or festival gift set for dogs and owners. The nearly indestructible dog ball toy long lasting for aggressive chewers, If your dogs are extremely aggressive chewers, please only play the tough dog toys under supervision. We are confident with our premium big dog toys bulk and offer 30 days money-back guarantee

Plush Toys

Some dogs might prefer plush toys over harder ones, but softer toys can come with their own problems, such as being easily tearable and dogs making a mess with stuffing should they rip them open.

There are plush toys that have a no-stuffing option- and are particularly durable for larger dogs to enjoy – so let’s take a look at some of these kinds of soft dog toys. 

Jalousie 5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys

If you have a German Shepherd who is more interested in soft toys, there are also some options available for tougher plush toys that won’t rip too easily.

This pack of five toys- five plush animals (a raccoon, a monkey, a duck, a wolf, and a skunk)- are a fantastic option for German Shepherds and other larger breeds.

They can’t be ripped or torn too easily thanks to a durable line with reinforced seams.

There is also no stuffing inside them, so if your dog does manage to get into it, you don’t have to worry about them making a mess or swallowing any hazardous material.

These plushes are made from high quality, non-toxic materials too, making for safe and sturdy playtime. It also features a squeaker, adding another layer of interactivity and entertainment for your canine companion.

These toys are great for both indoor and outdoor playtime too and whilst no toy is completely indestructible, your German Shepherd is sure to get tons of fun out of these plushies. 


  • Soft plushies are kind on teeth and well suited for dogs who prefer softer toys.
  • Durable and tough with reinforced seams.
  • No stuffing so that if the toys do get opened up, you don’t have to worry about stuffing getting everywhere or being swallowed.
  • Squeaky toys make for extra fun.
  • Variations of animal kinds with the plushies.


  • For dogs that get through soft material with their teeth easily- and are very aggressive chewers-, a harder toy might be better if you want to avoid rips and tears. 

Jalousie 5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys Three no Stuffing Toy and Two Plush with Stuffing for Small Medium Large Dog Pets (5 Pack)
  • SUPER VALUE &GREAT FUN: Includes 5 Most Popular Dog Squeaky Toys for Small, Medium and Large Breeds.
  • 3 No stuffing toy (racoon, wolf, skunk) include 3 squeakers each 2 Animal Plush toy: a monkey and a duck goose plush toy
  • A durable liner is added to the toy for longer play time and durability. We also reinforce all seams to make the toys tougher.
  • Provide hours of fun. Made with lead-free non-toxic soft high quality material.
  • Like every other toy, the squeaky plush toys are not indestructible. We recommend supervised play, and timely replacement of the broken ones.

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Toys

These cute little woodland critter squeaky toys are another great option for plush-loving German Shepherds that have the same no-stuffing nature.

These toys are available in sets of three, with either a set containing a fox, a raccoon, and a squirrel or a monkey, a lemur, and a chipmunk.

The lack of stuffing makes for a mess-free toy with no dangers of your dog swallowing something they shouldn’t, whilst the durable material, unique designs, and double squeaker make for an entertaining and practical toy for a bigger dog with a lot of chew. 


  • Adorable creature designs.
  • Soft on the teeth.
  • No mess thanks to the lack of stuffing.
  • Durable.


  • Again, if your dog tends to get through plush toys easily, it may be best to stick with the harder toys. 

Available on ZippyPaws.com and eBay.


Puzzle dog toys are a great way for intelligent dogs like German Shepherds to enhance both their physical and mental skills, so they make for some of the best toys for the large breed.

Let’s have a look at a few great puzzle toy options for German Shepherds. 

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

This plush puzzle toy is a ton of fun for your dog whilst also being an enjoyable challenge for them too. The game is basically an enhanced version of fetch combined with hide-and-seek.

It involves six plush squirrels which are placed inside a plush log. The squirrels all have squeakers inside them, and you can choose to hide them all in the log and then play a major hide-and-seek game with your dog by hiding the log.

There is a wide range of games that you can play with this puzzle though, such as fetch by using the plush squirrels or a made-up game of your own creation.

This game is sure to promote curiosity and thinking skills for your dog and for a smart German Shepherd, it will keep their skills honed whilst they have fun.

Thanks to the plush nature of both the log and the squirrels that come with it, this is a toy that will be soft and smooth on the teeth and great for German Shepherd pups.

There are four size options for this puzzle – small, medium, large, and extra-large- and extra-large is likely to be the most suitable for German Shepherds. 

There are a variety of styles available too – such as a puzzle that comes with birds or raccoons instead of squirrels-, all of which are sure to be a mentally stimulating experience for your dog. 


  • Physically and mentally stimulating puzzle game for dogs.
  • Versatile, with a wide range of games that can be played with it. 
  • Soft on your dog’s teeth. 
  • Perfect for puppies as well as older dogs.


  • The plush nature of the toy means that it might be able to be torn by aggressive chewers. 

Available on OutwardHound.com and eBay.

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle, XL
  • HIDE & SQUEAK FUN: The Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle is an easy way to get your furry friends engaged for hours of fun! Just fill the tree trunk with 6 stuffed squeaky squirrels, toss it, and let your dog's natural hunting instincts kick in!
  • 2-IN-1 INTERACTIVE PLAY: Toss the squirrel-filled trunk, place it on the ground, or take the squeaky plush toys out and launch them for a game of fetch your dog is sure to love!
  • CHALLENGING & IRRESISTIBLE: Keep boredom at bay and your curious canine mentally-stimulated while feeding their natural instincts to hunt with plush squeaky squirrels they won't be able to resist!
  • GENTLE ON THE TEETH AND GUMS: The stuffed plush texture of the Hide A Squirrel dog toy is easy on the teeth making it a great choice for both puppies and adult dogs alike.
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

Trixie Dog Activity Interactive Strategy Game

TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board Game, Level 2, Dog Puzzle, Treat Dispenser, for small breeds

This flip board strategy game for dogs is sure to be a challenge to put them through their paces!

This game requires a fair amount of focus and concentration on your dog’s part, as they will need to learn combined actions to reach the tasty treats placed inside the game board.

The game has several doors, cones, and sliding disks under which treats can be placed. To get to the treats, your dog will have to figure out that the switch on the game board has to be flipped.

It is certain to put even the most intelligent German Shepherd to the test!

This toy is durable thanks to the non-slip rubber ring that keeps the game in place, maintaining its position for hours on end.

Make sure to train your dog not to just try and chew through the plastic of the toy to get to the treats. 


  • Very mentally stimulating.
  • The game will teach your dog to remember and perform various actions.
  • Easy to look after as it just needs to be cleaned with soap and warm water when it has been used. 
  • Cute aesthetics, such as the dog bone-shaped switches.


  • Aggressive chewers might try to gnaw through the plastic to get to the treats rather than use the switch.

Also available on eBay.

TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board Game, Level 2, Dog Puzzle, Treat Dispenser, for small breeds
  • As one of our most popular dog enrichment toys, the TRIXIE Flip Board interactive dog puzzle will keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated as they search and sniff out tasty treats; great dog accessory for a boredom buster
  • Does your dog get bored quickly? Our intermediate level 2 interactive dog puzzle toys add more obstacles and combine actions to earn their tasty rewards
  • Lift, Flip & Slide to discover treats; this interactive dog treat puzzle has three different treat-hiding compartments to challenge your pup’s mind; lift cones, slide lids, and flip bones to discover all hidden compartments
  • BPA-Free and Lead-Free; TRIXIE Dog Activity interactive dog toys are designed with your pet's health in mind starting with safe materials you can trust; easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses, also dishwasher-safe on the top rack
  • Included with our dog puzzle toys are helpful tips and tricks to assist in optimal training; also, never leave toys with unsupervised pets - no toy is indestructible

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Intermediate

This puzzle toy is great for all dog breeds, including larger ones such as German Shepherds. It has a similar setup to the previous puzzle toy, except it implements a sliding system rather than a switch.

There are compartments spread out on the board – some that can be slid out of the way and others that need to be flipped due to the lidded compartment- to reveal some delicious treats hiding underneath.

Your dog will have to work out the combination of steps needed to get to the treats, utilizing their thinking skills to do so.

There are also removable bone-shaped bricks that hide treats underneath, so the dog will also need to be able to figure out that these need to be removed before they can get to the treat.

This is certainly a rewarding puzzle for your dog that is sure to get them thinking whilst having fun. 


  • A stimulating mental challenge.
  • Easy to set up and easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Made from safe and durable plastic.


  • Similar to the other puzzle game, an aggressive chewer may try to chew right through the game board to retrieve the treats. 

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Intermediate
  • BOREDOM BUSTER INTERACTIVE DOG TOY: As one of our most popular intermediate level 2 designs, the Dog Brick interactive puzzle includes additional obstacles and combinations of steps that will keep your dog focused and mentally-stimulated as they search and sniff out the tasty treats!
  • FLIP, LIFT, & SLIDE TO HIDE TREATS: The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick comes with 3 types of treat hiding compartments to test your furry' friends skills! Flip lid compartments open and slide to reveal two separate treat hiding spots while removable brick bones conceal the third hidden compartments in this puzzle dog toy.
  • ENCOURAGES POSITIVE PLAY HABITS: This fun and rewarding puzzle is great for reducing anxious dog behavior and redirecting destructive behavior.
  • BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE-FREE: Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzles are designed with your pet's health in mind from food safe materials that you can trust with your dog. Easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses.
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

Balls and Frisbees

Two of the most well-known dog toys are balls and frisbees and there are plenty of different kinds available that are suitable for German Shepherds (with some being specifically designed for bigger dogs) including the following. 

KONG Durable Rubber Flying Disc

KONG Flyer - Durable Rubber Dog Flying Disc Toy - for Large Dogs

KONG is a trusted and respected brand when it comes to dog toys, and for good reason. Their toys have a great deal of durability and the same can be said for their frisbee disc, which would make for a great toy for a German Shepherd.

The disc is made from soft and natural rubber, ensuring that your dog won’t hurt their mouth when they catch it.

It also has a dynamic rebound style in case your dog misses the first time you throw the disc. This disc is specially made for larger dogs that weigh from thirty to sixty-five pounds, making it perfect for a German Shepherd.

As well as being a fun pastime, frisbees are a great way to encourage exercise and mental stimulation in dogs. 


  • Playing frisbee is a great form of exercise for a dog or puppy, as well as a fun toy.
  • Durable rubber made to stay strong even with aggressive chewers.
  • Made from all-natural materials that are soft but still strong.
  • Dynamic rebound.


  • Frisbees are somewhat niche when it comes to dog toys, so there aren’t many other ways that you can utilize them for play other than throwing.

Also available on Kong.com and eBay.

KONG Flyer - Durable Rubber Dog Flying Disc Toy - for Large Dogs
  • Soft Catch: The durable, non-toxic rubber is made from natural materials, offering a softer, more forgiving catch during fetch. As the perfect flying disc for dog play, the KONG Flyer delivers a dynamic rebound if your dog misses the initial toss. The red rubber formula is gentle against your dog's mouth during contact, making it safe and comfortable for their teeth and gums.
  • Instinctual Needs: The KONG Flyer promotes your dog's instinctual needs, facilitating healthy exercise during stimulating outdoor play.
  • Durability: The KONG Flyer is lightweight and flexible, providing dynamic movements to keep your dog active and positively challenged. It also preserves its strength against repeated use.
  • For Large Dogs: Suitable for large dogs between the size of 30-65 lbs (13-30 kg).
  • Made in the USA using globally sourced materials.

QDAB Soccer Ball with Grab Tabs

For a ball that offers several different games in one handy toy, then the QDAB soccer ball is a great option that has a larger size available, specifically for dogs between thirty and ninety pounds, such as German Shepherds.

The design is simple yet clever, a soccer ball with grab tabs attached to the ball to make it easier for dogs to carry and for other games to be played, such as tug of war.

The ball is made of premium PU materials, so it can be kicked and will bounce just as an actual soccer ball does.

The tabs themselves are made of durable nylon and are sewn evenly into the seams of the ball. This allows for the bounce of the ball to be maintained whilst offering a chance for dogs- and humans- to grab at the tabs to play other games.

Due to the buoyant and lightweight nature of the ball, it is also able to be used in water.

The ball arrives deflated but can easily be inflated with a needlepoint adapter and a pump that comes with the ball. 


  • The nylon tabs allow for a wide variety of games to be played whilst still maintaining the best features of a soccer ball. 
  • Sturdy and durable. 
  • It can be used in the pool, at the beach, or in any kind of water thanks to the buoyancy of the ball. 
  • A specific size option for larger dogs. 


  • Not a chew toy, so whilst it is made of sturdy stuff, it might still see some wear and tear from aggressive chewers. 

Also available on OakandHearth.com and eBay.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium (Pack of 2)

The Chuckit! ball is an excellent choice due to the range of available sizes. The ball comes in large, extra-large, and 2X extra-large, which is perfect for big dogs like German Shepherds.

These are high-impact bouncing balls that are fantastic for a game of fetch with a rougher and bigger dog, as they have a thick rubber core and a textured surface that will maintain integrity when chewed.

The rubber makes for a ball that is strong, but soft on your dog’s mouth.

As well as that, the lightweight nature of the ball also makes it a great option to take to the beach, or for use in a pool during the summer as it can float.

Whilst aesthetics aren’t always super important when it comes to dog toys, they can be a nice touch and the Chuckit! balls are bright and vibrant enough to be pleasing to the eye. 


  • Thick rubber core that holds its own against rough chewers. 
  • The textured surface keeps the ball smooth and will be soft in a dog’s mouth.
  • Buoyant for use in water. 
  • Brightly colored with an excellent design.


  • Limited in that it is just a ball, and you can’t do much else with it other than throw it or play fetch. 

Also available on Chuckit! Toys or eBay.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium (Pack of 2)
  • ULTRA BOUNCE BALL: This ball toy for dogs entices play withhigh impact bouncing Play fetch at the lake or pool thanks to the lightweight, buoyant design. Compatible with Chuckit, ball launcher
  • TOUGH and DURABLE: Rubber ball for dogs has a textured surface and a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers yet is soft on dog's mouths
  • PET TOYS: Get ready for bonding and fun with your dogs and cats. Check out a variety of our pet toy products such as frisbees, perches and mirrors for birds, prey wand toys for cats, plush toys, light-up interactive toys and more
  • CHUCKIT FETCH TOYS: Chuckit creates toys that enrich the human-animal bond and bright colors help dogs and puppies stay engaged. Checkout Chuckit for ball launchers, bouncy balls, frisbees, indoor dog toys, glow toys and more
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens and other small friends Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm and Hammer, Booda, Chuckit , Jackson Galaxy and more

COLLAR Professional Dog Training Equipment Puller Plus

Puller Outdoor Dog Ring Toys - Dog Fetch Toy & Tug of War Dog Toy for Small Medium Large Dogs - Dog Ball & Soft Dog Frisbee Alt - Outside Dog Yard Toys - Big Dog Pull Toy - Best Dog Exercise Equipment

This ring doesn’t come under the category of a ball or a frisbee, but since it is somewhere in the middle, it has earned its place here!

For a toy that doubles as a splendid piece of training equipment, the COLLAR Puller Plus is fantastic.

The Puller Plus is far more than just a toy for large dogs, as it can also help to train out some of the bad habits that an adult German Shepherd might have picked up when they were pups, such as nipping or biting at hands when playing.

The Puller rings might be durable and strong enough to be bitten (not merely chewed!) by a huge dog, but they are incredibly lightweight so that dogs aren’t at risk of injuring their jaw or teeth.

The rounded shape keeps both you and your dog safe and in comfort, as it will keep your hands safe from any wayward chomps!

There is so much that you can do with the Puller Plus that should keep both you and your dog amused for hours at a time. 


  • Highly versatile thanks to being both a dog toy and a training item. 
  • Specifically designed for big dogs.
  • A wide range of exercise activities for both you and your dog.
  • Rounded to avoid accidental bites.
  • Strong enough to be bitten as well as chewed on.


  • May not be suitable for older German Shepherds to do anything with-other than simple chewing and simple exercises – due to the intensity of the training. 

Puller Outdoor Dog Ring Toys - Dog Fetch Toy & Tug of War Dog Toy for Small Medium Large Dogs - Dog Ball & Soft Dog Frisbee Alt - Outside Dog Yard Toys - Big Dog Pull Toy - Best Dog Exercise Equipment
  • Multifunctional Dog Toy - PULLER is more than just a dog ring toy. Use it to fetch, tug of war and water games. It is a great alternative to dog balls, floating dog toys, frisbee for dogs.
  • Improve Bonding With Your Dog - It is no longer possible to stay disconnected when the game is so engaging for both you and your dog! PULLER will truly make you best friends with your pet.
  • Safe for Teeth Unique Material - PULLER is soft enough and the dog does not injure the teeth and jaws when biting. PULLER is made of non-toxic and odorless material. Thus, the dog focuses on the game but not on the smell.
  • Increase Play Drive - Due to its unique features, PULLER easily engages your dog in play. An extremely fun activity with PULLER dog training toy motivates your dog to listen to you and pay attention.
  • Improve Your Dog's Health - Exercises with PULLER (Running, Jumping, Pulling) provide a daily fitness workout for your dog. 20 minutes of play with PULLER will give your dog the same activity as running 5 miles.

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls and Hyper Pet Tennis Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs - 12 Pack 2.5' (Dog Ball Dog Toys for Exercise, Fetch & Hyper Pet K9 Mini Kannon K2) Interactive Dog Toys & Dog Tennis Balls - Great Dog Toys for Small Dogs & Dog Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned tennis ball, and the Hyper Pet tennis ball brand offers larger sizes specifically for bigger dogs to enjoy.

Tennis balls are always going to be a great toy and training method for dogs, but Hyper Pets goes one step further by offering a tennis ball launcher too, which can lead to hours upon hours of fun and exercise for a German Shepherd. 


  • The tennis ball is a traditional dog toy for a good reason! It offers tons of fun and exercise opportunities
  • Bright colors mean that it is hard for these balls to get lost. 
  • A wide variety of games can be played. 
  • Can be paired with the Hyper Pet Tennis Ball launcher for even more excitement. 
  • Non-toxic material to avoid damage from strong jaws. 


  • If paired with the tennis ball launcher, you will need to be extra careful to ensure that you don’t launch a ball into dangerous territory for your dog by accident, e.g. into a busy road. 

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs - 12 Pack 2.5" (Dog Ball Dog Toys for Exercise, Fetch & Hyper Pet K9 Mini Kannon K2) Interactive Dog Toys & Dog Tennis Balls - Great Dog Toys for Small Dogs & Dog Gifts
  • PERFECT DOG BALLS FOR EXERCISE AND TRAINING: Hyper Pets bag of tennis balls are a fun, safe choice for dogs at all stages of life.
  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS IN BRIGHT COLORS: These dog balls come in a multiple number of bright fun colors such as orange, pink, and green which make them easy to locate in bushes, water, leaves, and grass.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR DOG: Feel confident about playtime, our Hyper Pet tennis balls for dogs are non-toxic and use a non-abrasive felt coating that is safe for your dog's teeth. Perfect bulk tennis balls for dog gifts.
  • DOG BALLS DESIGNED FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY: Our interactive dog toy tennis balls for dogs are not only designed to help you have fun with your furry canine friend playing fetch they float too! These Hyper Pet balls are not intended to be used as a chew toy. Please always supervise your pet while playing.
  • WORKS WITH BALL LAUNCHERS: Perfect companion to our Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher and Hyper Pet Throw-N-Go Dog Ball Launchers (Search Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher or Hyper Pet Throw-N-Go Ball Launcher). Also compatible with most automatic dog ball launchers such as iFetch, All for Paws, IDOGMATE, Pet Prime, and PetSafe.

The Verdict

As you can see, there is so much to choose from when it comes to deciding on a toy for a German Shepherd. German Shepherds are fiercely loyal, intelligent, and playful dogs with strong jaws, so always make sure that you opt for a toy that is going to stand the wear and tear of your dog’s play whilst providing a stimulating experience for them.

This is even more relevant if you know that your dog is an aggressive chewer. There are also plush toys, puzzles, frisbees, and rope toys that are suitable for German Shepherds, with designs specifically for bigger dog breeds or with a wide variety of choices in sizes.

As long as you do your research beforehand, you are sure to find the right toy that will bring endless enjoyment to your German Shepherd!

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