3 Best Wet Dog Food for German Shepherds (2023)

When it comes to large dogs like German Shepherds, a balanced diet is very important. It keeps their muscles in check while ensuring that the doggo is getting ample nourishment. It’s not enough that the dog food is delicious and appealing to your pooch. You have to ensure that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that support their day-to-day activities. For this post, we will help you find the best wet dog food for German Shepherds to ensure that your furry buddy receives the best diet.

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Diet needs of a German Shepherd

As a large dog, portion control is necessary for German Shepherds. Individual GSDs will have a varying appetite, but some can really be a hefty eater. Also, they are carnivores, so this breed requires a lot of protein to keep up with the demands of their large bodies.

The rule of thumb is that a German Shepherd’s diet should have a minimum of 22% protein. However, this will vary based on the dog’s age and health condition.

Aside from high-quality protein, you should also give your GSD healthy sources of fat. This is necessary, especially for working canines. Fatty acids are one of the most important forms of fats as it keeps the coat of your pooch healthy.

However, avoid over-feeding your dog with fatty food as it can lead to kidney and liver problems. Based on the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), GSDs diet should have about 5% to 8% fat.

*Puppies have different needs

Take note that puppies will need more food as their bodies are growing at a fast pace. Also, you have to divide the day’s food serving into 3 to 4 meals for puppies. This way, your young dog will not succumb to hypoglycemia.

Lastly, you should remember that these are just approximates based on the needs of an average and healthy German Shepherd. It’s still best to seek the advice of a veterinarian or pet nutritionist.

Wet vs. dry dog food

When it comes to dog food, you have two options: wet and dry dog food.

Dry dog food is easier to store. However, it lacks the moisture that wet food has. Also, if you have a finicky GSD, your luck of feeding kibble is nil.

This is where wet food comes handy. Unlike kibble, wet dog food can have a pate, chunk, or soupy consistency. It gives your pet an additional source of hydration.

However, wet food is more difficult to store and is prone to spoilage if you don’t refrigerate the open can. Also, some have lower protein content, which can both be beneficial or detrimental to a large dog’s health.

Still, the option boils down to what your dog prefers and needs.

Tips in giving wet dog food to your GSD

Even with the best wet dog food for German Shepherds, you have to practice some caution to ensure that your pooch will not end up in the vet. Keep these points in mind if you’re switching your pet to wet food:

-Discard the leftovers

If your GSD had leftovers on the bowl, never consider putting it back to the can for later. The moment that you served the food, it should only stay in the bowl for four hours. After that, you should dispose of it.

As we said earlier, wet food is susceptible to spoilage. And with the saliva of your dog mixing with it in the bowl, keeping it for the next mealtime is a no-no.

-Transfer the food to a new container

Once you have opened the can of wet food, you should transfer the remaining portion to another container. This is to prevent any chemical reaction with the tin can.

Also, make sure that the container is sealed to prevent the entry of moisture and bacteria.

-Refrigerate the remaining food

An opened wet food should always be refrigerated until all the portions have been served. Still, you should be careful as refrigerated food can still spoil or develop an awful taste. So before serving it to your German Shepherd, give the dog food a quick sniff. If it smells bad, don’t hesitate to throw it away.

-Watch out for the expiration date

Most of all, you should always check the expiration date of the wet food. Although most wet dog food can last for five years unopened, some stores might be selling cans that are nearing its expiration. The key here is purchasing smaller cans that can be consumed in one to two days.

Best Wet Dog Food for German Shepherds [Buying Guide]

To find the best wet dog food for German Shepherds, you should check the following aspects:

-High-quality protein

For GSDs, you need whole and high-quality protein. The best options are lamb, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, venison, and so on.

However, we have to remind here that the protein source of the food is also the leading cause of food allergies among canines. Make sure that your dog isn’t sensitive to the protein on the wet food you’re planning to buy.

-Grain-free or not?

There has been a continuous argument about grain-free dog diets. For some GSDs with a very sensitive stomach, a grain-free diet might be ideal. However, you should know that grains are not total evil. Your dog can still eat whole grains as it’s a great source of digestible carbs, fiber, and minerals.

-Fruits and veggies

Aside from packing up your dog’s diet with meat and fat, you should also look for wet food rich with superfoods like potatoes, blueberries, bananas, carrots, kale, pumpkin, and so on. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and minerals while you should still watch out for potential sensitivities.

-Digestible carbs

You should also look for wet food with digestible carbs so your German Shepherd won’t have trouble digesting the ingredients. Some of the great sources of digestible carbs are brown rice, oats, and barley. Corn also contains large amounts of digestible carbs, but some dogs tend to have allergies over it.

-AAFCO nutrient profile

As much as possible, look for the best wet dog food for German Shepherds that satisfies the suggestions by AAFCO. The dog food should be complete and balanced as per the nutrient profiles of the regulating body.

To know more about complete and balanced dog food, you can read it here:

-Overall flavor

Aside from ensuring that your dog’s food is healthy, it should also have an enticing taste. For picky eaters, this one is a big deal so the nutritious food won’t be left in the bowl.

Top 3 Options – Best Wet Dog Food for German Shepherds


OUR TOP PICK: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Adult Wet Dog Food
best wet dog food for German Shepherds

Product Name: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Adult Wet Dog Food

Product Description: Our top pick for the best wet dog food for German Shepherds is the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Adult Dog Food. This has real chicken as the main ingredient and also available in beef, fish, lamb, and turkey. The good thing about this wet dog food is you can mix it with kibble or serve it as-is. It’s rich in veggies like carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes for a dose of healthy carbs and nutrients. Also, this is wheat-free and doesn’t have any unhealthy fillings. What we like the most about this dog food is it doesn’t contain any meat by-product. Your German Shepherd will get high-quality protein in every bite.

Offer price: 21

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Flavor
  • Value for Money


Each serving of this wet food contains 8.5% protein, 6% fat, 1.5% fiber, and 78% moisture. Aside from that, each can contains 451 calories. If the protein level is lower than what your dog needs, you can add raw eggs or kibble on it.

As for the serving size, you should feed ½ to 1 can for every 10 pounds of body weight.


✔️Made with real chicken

✔️Packed with veggies

✔️Suitable for all life stages


❌A little low in protein


Purina Pro Plan Large Dog Wet Dog Food

best wet dog food for German Shepherds

If you’re looking for another option, we recommend the Purina Pro Plan Wet Food. This one is made specifically for large breeds and packed with high-quality protein. Also, this dog food is available in different flavors, including beef, chicken, lamb, and a combination of chicken and beef.

What we really like about this dog food is it contains actual chunks of meat with sauce. This would be very appealing for GSDs with a picky appetite.

Aside from that, each serving of this hearty food contains 9% protein, 2% fat, and 1.5% fiber. This is just the right blend for German Shepherds who don’t have a lot of physical activities.

Another great thing about this Purina Pro Plan dog food it’s enriched with glucosamine to support the joints of growing dogs. It’s also packed with biotin and fatty acids for a shinier and healthier coat.

Also, this is 100% complete and balanced for dogs that are over 50 pounds heavy.

✔️Rich in glucosamine for joint health
✔️Supports coat health
✔️Savory taste for the picky eaters
❌Contains corn, which could be an issue for some dogs

Natural Balance Premium Wet Dog Food

Our last recommendation for this roundup is the Natural Balance Premium Wet Dog Food. This is made of real beef meat and liver as well as carrots, oats, brown rice, potatoes, kelp, and more. This is a powerhouse source of vitamins and minerals for a growing German Shepherd.

Each serving of this wet food has 8% protein, 5% fat, and 1.5% fiber. Aside from that, your dog will get a dose of Omega fatty acids, Vitamins B, C, & D, biotin, and more. It also meets the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

This is a pate-style dog food with a chunky consistency to keep mealtimes interesting. Take note that you’ll get this dog food in a pack of 12 cans for a very competitive cost.

Overall, it’s a high-quality dog food that almost all dogs will love. It suits both large and small dogs so if you have a multi-canine household, you’ll never go wrong with this food.

✔️Meets AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages
✔️Packed with vegetables
✔️Suitable for all breeds
❌No pop-top which makes it difficult to open

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are German shepherds picky eaters?

A: It depends per dog, though some German Shepherds can be finicky. In this case, you’d have to experiment with different food flavors before finding the one that your pooch finds palatable.

Q: How can I fatten up my German shepherd?

A: If your pooch is within the ideal weight, you shouldn’t consider fattening it up with extra pounds. Sure, extra pounds look cuddly, but it will be detrimental to a German Shepherd’s health, especially with their unique body structure.

Q:   What meat is best for German Shepherd?

A: Wholesome protein sources are ideal for any dog, especially for large breeds like German Shepherds. We recommend getting whole cuts instead of food with by-products. This way, your doggo gets ample protein while enjoying additional nutrients.

Q: Are eggs good for German shepherds?

A: If the wet food you bought for your GSD doesn’t have enough protein, you can supplement it with raw eggs. Chicken eggs are rich in protein and are totally for canines to consume. Some dog owners would even pulverize the eggshell and add it to the food for a boost in their dogs’ calcium intake.

Q: Can German shepherds drink milk?

A: You should never give your GSD any formula milk for humans. This milk has lactose, which dogs and cats can’t digest. Giving them milk for humans will cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Final words

The best wet dog food for German Shepherds will provide your dog with ample nutrition each day. Just make sure that it has healthy ingredients, excellent flavor, and value for money. That way, each serving will be worth it for you and your dog. What do you think of these dog food products? Share your thoughts below in the comment section!